Argentina vindicates the relationship with Spain despite the monumental fishing looting in the Malvinas with Great Britain

The Argentine vice chancellor claimed the “web of relations" between both countries in cultural, economic, social and sports matters, regarding Milei's political differences with the Spanish president Pedro Sánchez.

20 de April de 2024 14:10

The Argentine vice-chancellor Leopoldo Sahores, on a tour of Spain in which the fishing looting in the Malvinas is not discussed.

In a note published today by Europa Press , the Argentine vice-chancellor Leopoldo Sahores claimed that the "historical" relationship between Argentina and Spain is advancing in a more discreet manner and that it transcends " differences from the ideological point of view or political approaches" , since both parties continue to have an interest in "deepening" ties.

And the political and ideological confrontation of Javier Milei with different heads of state not only reaches South America and the Caribbean; but it also expands throughout the old continent and specifically with Spain, which is governed today by Pedro Sánchez ; president of that country and general secretary of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party.

"It's a long-standing relationship," he explains. Sahores in the interview given to Europa Press , in which he claimed that this "web of relationships" transcends "the merely institutional" and includes cultural, economic, social or sporting aspects . "A multidimensional relationship," he adds.

For this reason, he affirms that any ideological discrepancy is "temporary" and there is room to "further consolidate the bilateral bond", without it being a burden that Milei has clearly positioned itself on the side of Vox in Spain. In fact, the Argentine president is scheduled to attend a political event by the Santiago Bascal party in Madrid in mid-May, although it is not known for now that it will be an official visit.

In any case, in the extensive note from the European media, the Argentine official completely ignores the flagrant expropriation, theft and looting of Argentine fishing resources in waters surrounding the Malvinas Islands, which the Spanish and British have been carrying out jointly since 1987. in the order of 100 thousand tons per year.

By Agenda Malvinas


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