Microscopic life flourishes under Antarctic sea ice

Microscopic phytoplankton, such as bacteria and algae, one of the most critical organisms in the Antarctic food web, are emerging from beneath sea ice, scientists reported in a new study.

20 de November de 2022 20:07

The report was published this Thursday in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science

According to the report published Thursday in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science , countless diverse species of phytoplankton, which are photosynthetic, require sunlight to generate energy.

At the surface where they normally thrive, less light can penetrate when the ocean freezes; Researchers have noticed that when sea ice retreats, small organisms begin to flourish, according to analysis of when and where it happens.

Work in the Arctic, on the opposite side of the world, has indicated that masses of phytoplankton, also known as “blooms,” can survive and survive under sea ice in low-light and darker conditions.

By Agenda Malvinas


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