Anger in the Foreign Ministry because Mondino did not include Malvinas in the Mercosur document

It is a relevant issue for Argentine interests that Mercosur has been expressing since 1996. A reprehensible decision decided by Javier Milei, who in addition to not attending the 64th Summit of Presidents of the States Parties.

10 de July de 2024 14:32

The chancellor of the Milei government is moving to break all international support in favor of Argentina for the sovereignty of the Malvinas.

This Monday the 8th in Asunción, Paraguay, on the occasion of the 64th meeting of the Presidents of the States Parties of MERCOSUR - which the Argentine president did not attend -, and the incorporation of Bolivia as a full member of the South American multilateral organization was discussed and approved. ; in its FINAL DOCUMENT of more than 30 points signed by all its members; The reduction of the Common External Tariff in foreign trade was highlighted, but It did not include an issue relevant to Argentine interests, such as the ratification of Argentine sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands. A fact that had been repeated in all the documents of the summits and regional organizations since 1996.

And although the final text includes the incorporation of Bolivia as a full member, and a condemnation of the coup suffered 15 days ago and border issues that are not necessarily linked to the economic agenda, the Malvinas Question was not raised by Foreign Minister Diana Mondino , for which expression did not appear in the document, for the first time in 28 years.

" What we have here is a lack of will on the part of the government and anger on the part of the countries due to the constant open crises with Brazil, Bolivia and all the others," La Política On Line published yesterday, taking the words of a diplomatic source who has been following the issue for some time. .

"Why are Bolivia and Brazil going to support us in the Malvinas if two days ago we said that the coup d'état was a farce or we accused the president of being communist and corrupt?" he expressed.

To this must be added the international discontent over the Argentine turn against the 2030 global environmental agenda and the Milei government's project to move the Argentine embassy to Jerusalem; an issue that puts the country on a dangerous level, given the possibility of breaking the international consensus achieved in favor of the sovereignty of the Malvinas.

That Argentina has been left without a Malvinas declaration at one of the Mercosur summits is striking, given that one of Mondino's close advisors, Gerardo "Gerry" Díaz Bartolomé, is a diplomat specialized in Malvinas and has brought the issue to the United Nations. . "Clearly it is a political decision, it is not something that was overlooked," concludes La Política On Line .


By Agenda Malvinas


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