Chile will invest 23 million dollars in the construction of a dock in Antarctica

The measure was announced days ago in response, among other measures, to President Javier Milei's announcements about a logistics hub project in Ushuaia together with the United States. Added to this Antarctic race between the two countries is the Argentine construction of a new landing strip at Petrel base.

15 de May de 2024 15:25

The confirmation of the work comes after the repercussions generated by President Milei's statements in the press and the political sector of Chile.

Previously, the Chilean parliament decided to meet on May 21 on the white continent, after Milei 's statements in which he stated that the construction of an Integrated Naval Base in Ushuaia would support the national claim on Antarctic territories.

Now, the trans-Andean country confirmed a tender to build a new dock on the white continent . It was last May 10, in a ceremony held on the flight deck of the ocean patrol vessel OPV-83 Marinero Fuentealba, a unit dependent on the Third Naval Zone (Terzona) of the Chilean Navy. There the investment was announced by the Commander in Chief of the Third Naval Zone, Rear Admiral Jorge Castillo Fuentes , along with different civil authorities.

The project for the Chilean dock in Antarctica was projected during the Piñera government (2018-2021), but was not carried out due to lack of budget , since the start of port infrastructure works in Bahía Fildes is expected. on King George Island , for the month of August.

The first stage will have a completion period of 1,035 days for an extension of 48 meters of dock, and with this work Chile will improve logistical support , including a dock with a port area, warehouses and an operations shelter. The tasks for 23 billion Chilean pesos will allow the circulation of port machinery, the transit of vehicles and the collection of containers and cargo in general.

The Seremi of Public Works, José Luis Hernández, pointed out that this work “this infrastructure will allow us to address other works that we have in planning. For next year we want to start with everything related to the conservation of the runway at the Teniente Marsh airfield. In this way we mark our presence, highlighting that we are the gateway to Antarctica.”

“The purpose of this Antarctic infrastructure is to support all the activities carried out on the Antarctic continent, not only those related to the Armed Forces, but also to the requirements of private parties that may require the use of this infrastructure,” concluded the Chilean official.

At the same time, the Argentine Government reported in the last few hours that a new landing strip will be built at the Petrel base , with the aim of strengthening logistics between the 13 national Antarctic bases.


By Agenda Malvinas


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