Chile responded to Argentina that the content of the map “is not new”

The Government of Chile assured this Wednesday that there is nothing new that was not already public in the map prepared and presented by the Chilean Navy with "the maritime spaces under Chilean jurisdiction" to the south of the Drake Sea and Cape Horn and that generated a formal protest by Argentina.

31 de August de 2023 17:01

Chile says that the "illustrative graphic" published does not refer to a new issue, but rather represents the maritime spaces under its jurisdiction.

"The content of the illustration referred to is not new, and refers to the consolidation, in a single sheet, of information and images that are absolutely public and known by the Argentine Foreign Ministry, therefore, not "They do not represent anything new ," the Chilean Foreign Ministry explained to the EFE agency, without other details.

The response arose after this Tuesday, the secretary of the Malvinas, Antarctica and South Atlantic of the Argentine Foreign Ministry, Guillermo Carmona , spread it through social networks and not on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ; that the Argentine government had filed a "complaint about a Chilean map that is projected onto Argentine territory" , alluding to an action presented to the Chilean embassy in Buenos Aires last week.

In it, the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy (SHOA) made available an "illustrative graph of the maritime spaces under Chilean jurisdiction" , to which Argentina warned that it includes the projection of an alleged continental shelf of Chile, which It overlaps with a sector of the Argentine continental shelf.

According to official sources, the "illustrative graphic" published by the SHOA does not refer to a new issue, but rather seeks to represent the maritime spaces under Chilean jurisdiction, as arising from supreme decree 95 published on August 27, 2021 and seeks to graph the presentation of Chile made before the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf called "Western Continental Shelf of the Chilean Antarctic Territory".

Invisible until now, the controversy was born in August 2021, when Chile was governed by Sebastián Piñera and Argentina by Mauricio Macri; where the aforementioned decree in question contemplated the projection of the continental submarine shelf of Chile to the east of the meridian 67 degrees 16 minutes 0 seconds .

For the Argentine Executive, the Chilean claim advances on the Argentine continental shelf by about 5,000 square kilometers and overlaps with around 25,000 additional square kilometers of oceanic seabed, which are the common heritage of humanity.

Since the beginning of the controversy, the Chilean claim has been "categorically" rejected by Argentina on repeated occasions both at the bilateral and multilateral levels through diplomatic correspondence addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations and the Secretary General of the International Authority of the Ocean floors.

In this regard, Argentina considers that the Chilean claim "contradicts" the 1984 Treaty of Peace and Friendship between both countries, which resolved "definitively and unchangeably" all maritime disputes between both States.

Meanwhile, according to Argentina's presentation before the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLPC) in 2009, the demarcation of the limit of the Argentine continental shelf is in full compliance with the rules of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and the Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1984 .



By Agenda Malvinas


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