The expenditure and investment budget for 2023/24 that the British colony that usurps the Malvinas Islands launched yesterday; is £95.8 million.

1 de June de 2023 22:17

The percentage distribution of that amount among the 3,662 inhabitants is around $32,500 per year per capita.

Not including other capital contributions, the financial economic budget for the period 2023-2024 of the British colonial government that usurps the Malvina Islands from Argentina, has been estimated at 95.8 million pounds sterling.

This was announced yesterday by Alison Blake , the delegate of the central government of the United Kingdom on the islands ; when closing the 2022-2023 fiscal period and opening the subsequent one that will occupy the next six months of the current year and the first six of the next.

The established funds will be used for colonial consolidation in the archipelago, made up of a population of 3,662 people , whose proportionality in their distribution would correspond to about 32,500 dollars per year per capita . And if we saw it from the Argentine perspective, about 15.8 million pesos.

Beyond the monetary amount estimated for this new year, the colonial government has three times this amount in accumulated savings from previous years. Therefore, “the general commitment to capital projects that provide a boost to private sector activity continues in 2023/24. Recognizing that the main priorities, in addition to a new port facility, are a new power station and a new waste management facility,” says Mercopress .In addition to highlighting improvements in the hospital and services for vulnerable people, including the completion of the nursing home, the continuation of maintenance of the streets of Puerto Argentino and the paving of roads, among others.

The most important items:

• £ 17.1 million for health and wellbeing

• £ 10.2 million for education and training

• £ 2.3m to increase government salaries , including a cost of living increase for all staff (£1.1m); increments of £0.3m) and additional one-off payments (£0.9m) for people on low and middle incomes.

£0.2 million to extend the cost of living fuel and energy package.

• £ 7.8 million to protect the environment , including funding for grant bodies and scientific research.

In addition, it provides for a 3% increase for government employees, one-time contributions of 1,500 pounds for the lowest ranks, an increase in the amount of personal income, from 15,000 pounds to 15,960, and increases in retirements and pensions of up to 6.1%. .



By Agenda Malvinas


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