Interest grows in the British press about oil exploitation in the Malvinas

Sunday Telegraph highlights this Sunday, the economic boom that it will mean for the colony established in terms of royalties and the fabulous profits of the company Navitas Petroleum, made up of capital from Israel and the US.

30 de June de 2024 21:06

Type of FPSO vessel that is planned to be used as a floating production plant in the Sea Lion field.

While the British colony established in the Malvinas Islands carries out the last steps in environmental matters - through a public consultation - to find out the opinion of the islanders on the hydrocarbon exploitation project in the Sea Lion/León Marino field , the press of the United Kingdom focuses on what it assumes will be the economic boom for its inhabitants.

In this case, the media that deals with the issue is the “Sunday Telegraph”, the Sunday edition of The Telegraph, who also sees behind the project; the fabulous profits of the company Navitas Petroleum , made up of capital from Israel and the US.

The B side of the news is the refusal of the United Kingdom to begin the opening of new hydrocarbon projects, due to its adherence to international non-carbon emission policies. Even more so than the Labor Party, which is emerging as the winner of the British elections this July 4, has highlighted the objective of accelerating the energy transition and has promised to prohibit all new oil and gas exploration in British waters.

In any case, this ban would not affect the colony in Malvinas, since it is the local administration that has a say over drilling rights in the surrounding waters.

Oil from Sea Lion would be processed by a floating production, storage and offloading vessel, and then sold on global energy markets.


By Agenda Malvinas


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