Buenos Aires deputy criticized the Foreign Ministry's inaction in the face of the British oil advance in the Malvinas

“The silence and inaction of the Foreign Ministry violates the laws and the National Constitution. We cannot allow the British government to continue exploiting the resources of the Malvinas Islands and surrounding seas, which constitute Argentine sovereign territories,” said Pulti.

3 de July de 2024 08:52

The Kelpers held a public consultation on this issue, but there was no expression of rejection from the Foreign Ministry.

The deputy of Unión por la Patria in the province of Buenos Aires, Gustavo Pulti, presented a project to repudiate the "unilateral and unconsulted" British decision to advance the process of offshore oil exploration and exploitation in the waters of the South Atlantic . He denounced the "inexplicable inaction" of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , International Trade and Worship of the Nation.

Pulti expressed his concern about the recent decisions taken by the United Kingdom that directly affect Argentine sovereignty. These decisions include maritime restrictions , the construction of a port in the Malvinas , fishing and offshore oil exploration. "The United Kingdom does what it wants in the Malvinas and in our South Sea but Milei doesn't say anything," he expressed on the social network X.

The legislator recalled that this illegitimate situation dates back to 2010 when the British authorities opened a bidding process to search for hydrocarbons in the seas surrounding the Malvinas Islands.

The parliamentarian He also noted that the Malvina Islands Consultative Council carried out a public consultation on this issue, but harshly criticized the silence and lack of action on the part of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He specified that “the Sea Lion field is located 300 kilometers north of the Malvinas Islands, and involves the drilling of 23 oil wells and the production of more than 300 million barrels of oil over 30 years.”

"From February to July, the maritime restriction of 166 thousand kilometers was announced, then the construction of a Port in the Malvinas that points to sovereignty in Antarctica and, now, offshore exploration," said the parliamentarian. In five months, three decisions overwhelming Argentine sovereignty,” said the deputy.



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