Melting glaciers release methane gas and worsen global warming

As a result of accelerated melting of the planet's large glacial systems, scientists assure that methane emissions will be even greater.

9 de July de 2023 14:21

Rivers run across the surface of Antarctica, accelerating the release of greenhouse gas trapped in the ancient ice.

According to a study in the scientific journal Nature Geoscience , the melting of glaciers is an example of the large quantities of the powerful greenhouse gas methane, which are filtered and released through groundwater springs; fact that allows us to indicate that this would collaborate with global warming.

"These springs are a considerable and potentially growing source of methane emissions, which until now did not appear in our estimates of the global methane budget," reported Gabrielle Kleber, lead author of the research carried out by the experts from Cambridge, United Kingdom, and the Svalbard University Center, which is located in Norway.

By Agenda Malvinas


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