Lambert Glacier: the largest in the world and its key role in the climate crisis

It extends over more than 400 km, is 100 km wide and reaches a depth of up to 2,500 metres, making it a geographical wonder of epic proportions and exceptionally large among Antarctic glaciers.

16 de June de 2024 11:49

Lambert Glacier, located in the eastern sector of the Antarctic continent.

Lambert Glacier, located in the remote and frigid East Antarctica, is recognized as the largest glacier in the world . This ice colossus stretches over 400 km and reaches a depth of up to 2,500 metres , making it a geographical wonder of epic proportions. However, its size is not the only thing that draws attention; Lambert Glacier plays a crucial role in understanding the global climate crisis.

It also extends 100 km wide , making it exceptionally large even among the glaciers of Antarctica. This glacier is responsible for draining 8% of the Antarctic ice sheet , a fact that underlines its importance in the global ecosystem.

Due to its size and role in ice flow, Lambert Glacier is a focal point in the study of climate change . Research on the Lambert Glacier is primarily done through remote sensing, as conditions on the ground are extremely harsh.

It was first mapped in 1952 and later named after Bruce P. Lambert, a noted Australian cartographer. Minor changes in climate can have significant impacts on glacier flow, making it a sensitive indicator of climate variations.

Lambert Glacier is not only a testament to the natural forces that have shaped our planet, but it is also a key indicator of the environmental changes we face today. Its study is vital to predict and mitigate the effects of climate change in the future.



By Agenda Malvinas


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