The Fuegian governor and war veterans centers met over the English radar in Tolhuin

They agreed to send a note to the Chief of Staff of Ministers of the Nation, Agustín Rossi, so that the request of the Minister of Defense Jorge Taiana to cancel the installation and operation of the radar is carried out.

10 de August de 2023 13:32

Also "it will be requested to identify non-compliance by the intervening areas," said Dachary.

This Wednesday, Governor Gustavo Melella held a meeting with the president of the Malvinas Ex-Combatants Center in Ushuaia, Conrado Zamora , and the president of the Malvinas Argentinas War Veterans Center of Río Grande, Raúl Villafañe in order to evaluate and carry out actions regarding to the radar in Tolhuin, belonging to the British capital company LeoLabs.

The Chief of Staff Minister, Agustín Tita, participated in the meeting; the secretary of the Malvinas, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands and International Relations, Andrés Dachary ; the Secretary of Geopolitical Affairs, Carolina Lavori .

By Agenda Malvinas


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