The Argentine coast guard Mantilla and the American James carried out control exercises in the Argentine sea

They were developed about 235 nautical miles from the city of Mar del Plata and were part of the joint training between the Argentine Naval Prefecture and the US Coast Guard against Illegal Fishing.

10 de May de 2024 13:01

The two ships, carrying out joint operations and training in South Atlantic waters.

The Argentine Coast Guard GC-24 Mantilla , of the Maritime Authority of our country and the USCGC “James” of the North American Force, carried out training activities with students from the Higher and Cadet Schools, as part of their training process in the ambit. the same It was developed on the high seas to control maritime spaces and monitor fishing tasks, about 235 nautical miles from the city of Mar del Plata.

The tasks were part of the visit of the North American ship to Argentina, which began on Monday of last week, with the arrival at the port of Buenos Aires of the North American ship, which was received by the President of the Nation Javier Milei, the Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich, the general secretary of the Presidency Karina Milei, the security secretary Vicente Ventura Barreiro, the National Naval Prefect Guillermo Giménez Pérez and the National Naval Subprefect, Alejandro Annichini, according to what was stated by the Force.

After its departure last Friday, the “James”, with members of the PNA on board, and the coast guard cutter GC-24 Mantilla, headed towards the high seas to carry out joint training tasks, which included carrying out embarkation maneuvers and disembarkation of prey crews, using auxiliary vessels and maritime approach and boarding movements.

Officers from the Higher School of Navigation, Machines and Communications orientations, and cadets who are in their third year at the “General Matías de Irigoyen” Officer School, also boarded aboard the GC-24 Mantilla, with the purpose of perfecting their training in navigation and put into practice theoretical knowledge incorporated in their training process.

In turn, the Maritime Traffic Service of the Argentine Force supervised and monitored the instruction, carrying out the location, identification and monitoring of the vessels sailing in the area, while the Mar del Plata Traffic Management Center carried out the regulatory radio communications.

According to what was highlighted by the Force, it was “an academic activity, which took place in the open sea, outside the Exclusive Economic Zone, carried out so that students could identify good practices applied in the exercise of the activities of control, by police personnel with experience in the function, as a useful comparative tool for improving action protocols under conditions of reciprocity.”

“The initiative was developed within the framework of a sustained relationship of reciprocity between the Prefecture and the US Coast Guard, which began in 2001 with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement, ratified in 2005, which established a program aimed at promoting exchange of professional knowledge in the area of international maritime affairs”, highlighted from the Force.

By Agenda Malvinas


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