The British Labor Party rules out negotiating Malvinas Sovereignty with Milei

It was released today by the Spanish agency EFE, taking statements from the Foreign Affairs spokesperson of the British Labor Party, David Lammy.

1 de July de 2024 14:43

British Labor Party foreign affairs spokesman David Lammy and Keir Starmer's potential chancellor.

When he was consulted about the possibility of opening a negotiation for the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands, with the management of President Javier Milei; Lammy answered with a resounding “no” , according to the Spanish agency's correspondent in London .

In a meeting with the foreign press in London, Lammy, who presumably will be the next head of British diplomacy, addressed Labor's foreign policy if his party wins the British general elections on July 4, as all the polls anticipate.

Despite the refusal to talk about the sovereignty of the islands, which Argentina has claimed since 1833, the Labor spokesperson said that he wants a “dialogue” with Argentina on matters of bilateral interest.

Lammy, whose parents are of Guyanese origin, highlighted the interest of a Government eventually chaired by Keir Starmer to promote greater ties with the countries of the Caribbean and South America.

The spokesperson did not develop his idea about the relationship with the Latin American countries or about the Malvinas dispute, but he stressed that Labor's foreign policy will have "consistency", unlike, he said, the continuous changes of prime minister and ministers under the last conservative governments.


By Agenda Malvinas


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