The ruling party itself does not believe that Melella officials have no responsibility for the presence of the British radar in Tierra del Fuego

Legislator Pablo Villegas, of the Fueguino Popular Movement, a member party of the ruling party in both the Executive and the provincial Legislative Chamber, described the reasons expressed by officials of Gustavo Melella's government, to evade their responsibilities regarding the installation of a radar British in Tierra del Fuego, “are tinged with absolute falsehood.”

22 de August de 2023 17:09

"We need truthful, objective, timely information that, to date, the Provincial Government has denied me as a legislator," said Pablo Villegas.

In an interview conducted this morning by journalists Sergio Sarmiento and Adrián Moreno from Radio Provincia FM of Tierra del Fuego, Pablo Villegas , considered that the situation generated by the silence on the part of Governor Gustavo Melella and his officials, regarding the existence of the British radar, “it is of superlative gravity.” And that, "as time goes by, the premises on which the different officials or associates of the provincial government were based, regarding the intervention in the installation of this radar, are becoming revealed that they are tinged with falsehood." absolute." And he even dared to affirm that "a Secretary of State had expressed that the installation of the radar had the intervention and approval of the National University of La Plata and the CONAE" (in reference to the National Commission of Space Activities); when in the report presented on August 1 by the Ministry of Defense, it appears that “those assertions are false.”

It is not the first time that a legislator from the Fuegian Popular Movement breaks the silent alignment that the ruling party and pseudo opposition maintain regarding the existence of the LeoLabs radar in Tolhuin . 15 days ago, when the president of Commission 7: Malvinas, Antarctica and the Atlantic South, Federico Sciurano , called on the veterans' centers to hear their opinions on the matter; Villegas asked to summon the intervening officials to explain their degrees of participation in the project; issue that he reiterated during the interview.

“What do I propose? that within the scope of Commission 7, the officials who intervened in the supply of electrical energy, who dictated the environmental guide, be summoned by the Secretariat of the Environment of the Province and the authorities of the General Inspection of Justice IGJ, where the LLC was established with companies based in London and Ireland. That is, a company managed by two companies of the British Empire. Situations that warrant that legislators have the possibility of interrogating and questioning officials, as occurs in any democracy in any normal representative system; What were the circumstances of time, manner and place in which you intervened? Did you consult the Ministry of the Interior prior to granting these authorizations, since we are a border area, as established by the National Defense Law and the Law of Creation of Border Zones?, which is something that officials who have a certain institutional experience in Tierra del Fuego, know or should know” ; Villegas listed.

And he expanded; We know from unofficial information that this company LeoLabs rented part of a room or a room in the Province.And that lease is sufficient cause to consult the Ministry of the Interior.

By Agenda Malvinas


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