The Galician Port of Vigo breaks records with automobile traffic and legal and illegal fishing in Argentina

With 485,101 tons moved, it closed its best April of the 21st century. Vehicle traffic increased by 11.9%, fishing in the Atlantic with an Argentine license increased by 396%, and illegal catches in the Malvinas increased by 298%.

4 de June de 2024 08:08

The growth of the port of Vigo, bringing together billions of dollars of fishing resources extracted in Argentine waters of the South Atlantic.

The Port of Vigo continues to break historical records month after month, as stated by the Port Authority in a press release, issued to the entity's head, Carlos Botana .

As reported in the press conference after the ordinary meeting of the Board of Directors of the institution, the total traffic for the month of April ( 485,101 tons) in the Port of Vigo rose by +14.6% compared to the same month of the previous year , while general merchandise presented an important positive result, with an increase of +16.5%. Regarding container traffic , measured in TEU's (unit equivalent to a 20-foot container).

Total merchandise traffic also increased (+15.7%), registering 476,975 tons during the previous month, which represents the best April in the history of port traffic, thanks to the good performance of frozen fishing, fruits , vegetables and legumes, wood, chemical products and metals and their manufactures.

"In the traffic of UTI`s (Intermodal Transport Units), all of them by ro-ro means, the monthly result reflects an increase of +143%. In the fishing chapter, fresh fish downloads have increased by + 2.11%, while frozen fishing has increased by +20.8%, highlighting the strong increase in Argentina (+395.8%) and Malvina (+297.7%)", lists Cadena Ser.


First quarter results

The good results recorded during the month of April are also reflected in the accumulated annual figures, where total traffic (1,712,472 tons) has increased by +12.6%. Regarding general merchandise traffic, the result is also positive, with an increase of 233,957 tons (+17.3%). Above all, container traffic stands out, with an increase of 64,249 tons (+7.9%) and 16,517 TEUs (+22.9%), which makes the first four months of the year the best of the century in container traffic. containers, both in tons moved and in number of TEUs.

Merchandise has also grown by +13.35%, which represents the best first quarter of the 21st century. Regarding the main merchandise, the increases recorded by frozen fish, metals, fruits, automotive parts and, especially, raw granite stand out.

Special mention goes to the automotive sector, where the annual increase of +11.92% in vehicle traffic stands out, which represents the best first four-month period in the historical series of the Port of Vigo. In ICU traffic, the increase in accumulated units has been +125.7%.

"As for frozen fishing, it has increased by +8.7%, highlighting traffic from Argentina (+130.97%), Malvinas Islands (Malvina) (+297.67%) and Chile (+149.46%). , thanks to the new transoceanic lines," lists the same media outlet.


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