Government and Chancellery said in London that the reign of Elizabeth II “is respected and admired in Argentina”

Before the coffin, Ambassador Figueroa not only gave his condolences “on behalf of the people and the Government,” but also said that “we share the sorrow of the British people” and that the reign of Elizabeth II “is respected and admired in Argentina.” ”.

20 de September de 2022 11:36

Figueroa also wished the new King Carlos III, “a long life and wisdom in his historic mandate.”

The National Government and the pro-British Chancellery of Buenos Aires not only dishonor the 649 heroes killed during the 1982 war, offend the pain of their families and an entire people who do not forget, but they put our natural resources, the usurpation of the Malvinas and the South Atlantic, his devotion to the head of a centuries-old slave-owning and murderous empire.

In a despicable act that shows what the true interests it defends are, the government of Alberto Fernández presented this Sunday before the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II , and through the ambassador in London, Javier Figueroa , “the most sincere condolences”, “in name of the people and the Government of Argentina.”

“On behalf of the people and Government of the Argentine Republic, I express our most sincere condolences to the members of the Royal Family for the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,” said Javier Figueroa in a statement reported by the Télam news agency.

“We share the sorrow of the British people in these sad days. The deep sense of duty, which has been the hallmark of the reign of Elizabeth II, is respected and admired in Argentina,” he added so that there is no doubt.

Figueroa 's statements do nothing other than open up to the world on which side of the miseries of the West the Argentine political power and the members of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs want to belong, who, to please the empire, make a career of supporting the validity of the Treaties of Madrid , the Foradori Duncan Pact , the New York Agreement , the guarantee of British investments in Argentina through banks, laboratories, mining companies, oil companies and raw materials exporters. In short, the structural and systematic dispossession of wealth and resources of the Nation.

To do this, he does not hesitate to trample on 212 years of independence, the legacy of all the revolutionaries of May, the sublime sacrifice of San Martin , of Manuel Belgrano , of Mariano Moreno , of Martin Miguel de Güemes , of Juan Manuel de Rosas , of Guillermo Brown ..., of all those who watered the Malvinas mob with their blood, of the pilots who faced the English fleet knowing that this was their last destination, of those who lie at the bottom of the sea as a result of the cowardly attack by the English nuclear submarine Conqueror , to the ARA General Belgrano Cruise , of those who died in loneliness and oblivion during these 40 years of post-war. They don't care.

Such is the Anglophilia of the political power and of those who do not defend Argentine interests before the world, but rather act and manage in the opposite way, that; So that there is no doubt, Ambassador Figueroa also wished the heir to the throne, the new King Carlos III , “a long life and wisdom in his historic mandate.”


By Agenda Malvinas


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