Great Britain once again invites students from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay to live with the kelpers

Under the slogan: why would I like to meet my neighbors in the Malvinas Islands?, Great Britain will take South American university students to the Malvinas Islands for a week.

15 de August de 2023 11:50

The National Interuniversity Council does nothing to prevent such an act of provocation and humiliation from being carried out.

“The Government of the Malvina Islands and the British Embassies in Uruguay, Chile and Argentina invite university students from these countries to participate in the competition “Why would I like to meet my neighbors in the Malvina Islands?” ; This was published last Thursday, the 10th by mercopress , anticipating the new and fourth contest promoted by the United Kingdom of Great Britain to generate internal fissures in the country and South America, against Argentine sovereign rights over the Malvinas Islands.

This is the competition promoted by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain) launched in 2019, which was only interrupted in 2020 due to the global Coronavirus pandemic and was resumed in 2021.

By Agenda Malvinas


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