Naval war between Asians and Spaniards in the South Atlantic for the plundering of Argentine resources

According to a version in the Galician press, the Spanish fishing vessel Playa Pesmar Uno rammed “a Chinese or Korean flag vessel” after being besieged by the latter in an attempt to prevent navigation and fishing.

27 de February de 2023 07:15

With two damage to the bow, the Playa Pesmar Uno sails towards the port of Montevideo.

The fishing vessel 'Playa Pesmar Uno' that in February 2018 was caught fishing illegally in Argentine territorial waters carrying in its holds about 320 tons of Hake, Squid, Haddock and Ray, is once again in the news, when this Saturday it starred in a real naval battle against a “Chinese or Korean flag” boat, which supposedly besieged him so that he would not advance to the fishing area in which the latter was fishing.

As a result of this action, the boat suffered damage to the bow and has water leakage that “does not dangerously affect its navigability.” In any case, it is nothing that could be solved on the high seas, so for 48 hours it has been sailing towards the port of Montevideo, the lair of the Spanish fleet that fishes on the edge of mile 200 of Argentina and the one that works in association with the British. that usurp the Malvinas Islands.

The vessel belongs to the shipowner Pesquerías Marinenses , of the Pesmar business group, and has been destined for fishing “in international waters of the southwest Atlantic,” says Faro de Vigo . Means that, giving coverage to its compatriots and taking sources from the company itself, “was outside the jurisdictional waters of Argentina.”

Known thief

On February 5, 2018, the Playa Pesmar Uno was captured by a coast guard from the Argentine Naval Prefecture when it was sailing with the satellite positioning system turned off within the Exclusive Economic Zone, taken under escort to the port of Comodoro Rivadaiva and fined 7.5 million of pesos for violating the Federal Fisheries Law by operating in national waters without permission, and also obliged to pay another 13,809,985 pesos for the cargo that the ship had at the time of capture.

The Spanish ship in February 2018, moored in the port of Comodoro Rivadavia.

As happened with the Playa de Rodas , which suffered a similar mishap with Chinese ships in February 2020, the Asian ship would have tried to prevent the navigation of the Playa Pesmar Uno . "He was chasing them," they reported from the sector.“The bow of the Playa Pesmar has two holes in the bow as a result of the collision,” says Faro de Vigo .

“In the port of Montevideo, where ships such as those from Pesmar or Nores usually dock for repairs or supplies, the sheet metal must be repaired, waiting to determine if the collision has affected other elements of its structure,” he adds .

By Agenda Malvinas


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