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Gustavo Melella said that on Wednesday, Patagonia will stop “gas and oil production”

It is in solidarity with the cut in co-participation that Chubut suffers decided by Milei.

26 de February de 2024 16:44

"We hope that there will be a path of dialogue between now and Wednesday," said the Fuegian governor.

This morning, during the inauguration of the In.fue.tur building located in the Río Pipo neighborhood of Ushuaia, the Governor of Tierra del Fuego, Gustavo Melella ; He referred to the confrontation between President Javier Milei and the governors, after the withholding of the co-participation suffered by the province of Chubut and which gave rise to the threat of its president, Ignacio Torres , to stop oil production as a protest measure.

However, he tried to put a cold shoulder and called for dialogue to avoid this extreme measure. “All the Patagonian provinces will accompany, but we hope that there will be a path of dialogue between now and Wednesday. I ask the national government to stop the ball a little, to calm things down. This is not the time for evil and good-looking. Argentines need leaders with rationality, that we all have to give up something, but not in this way," said the Fuegian leader.

And analyzing the first 86 days of Javier Milei's government, facing the presidency of the Nation, Melella said: "Those of us who voted for one or the other wanted an Argentina of peace, not of confrontations and provocations. What happens with Chubut, more Regardless of whether it corresponds or not, it is putting a province in check and cutting funds, not from a governor, but from the people. Here they did not take the teacher incentive funds from Melella, they took it from the teachers and the children and girls from Tierra del Fuego.”


“That teachers do not receive more for the teaching incentive is not an adjustment to the policy; that doctors do not have the possibility of earning a better salary, either.Getting 100 drivers in the Senate is for the tribune.

By Agenda Malvinas


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