The military base of the British pirates turned 39 years old in the Malvinas

The Mount Pleasant Complex is a NATO base and military exercises are constantly carried out there, some with the participation of the US. More than a thousand soldiers, an international airport, four fighter-bombers and several helicopters, perpetuate surveillance for the usurpation of the archipelago. Argentine South Atlantic.

20 de May de 2024 12:14

More than a thousand soldiers and a large amount of weapons are part of the complex and give shape to frequent military exercises, in which the US also participates.

On May 12, 1985, the Mount Pleasant Complex and its international airport were inaugurated , which began operations a year later, being an RAF military building, the air branch of the British Armed Forces.

On its anniversary, the spokespersons for the usurpers, from the MercoPress page, pointed out that it is “installed about 53 kilometers from the capital Stanley” , taking into account that “it constitutes a fundamental piece in the defense of the Islands and includes the three weapons ”.

They mentioned that it integrates “the Royal Air Force with its four Typhoon FGF4 fighter-bombers, at NATO level, an Airbus Voyageur tanker transport to supply the fighters in the air, an Atlas C1 (A400M) transport and maritime surveillance and several helicopters, in addition a whole range of specialized personnel for aircraft maintenance, radar operators and weapons technicians.”

The media highlights that its landing strip has international certification, which “is used for the airlift with the United Kingdom, twice a week, and connections of commercial companies with the continent, such as Lan on Saturdays to Punta Arenas, Chile , in addition to aircraft connecting to British bases in Antarctica, charter flights, when authorized by Argentina, and the fleet of twin-engine Islanders that make internal flights within the Islands themselves and belong to the Malvinas government.”

The infantry unit stationed in the Malvina Islands rotates every four months and carries out exercises “quite regularly, and with live ammunition,” including more than a thousand soldiers. "To all this must be added the radar and observation posts on various hills of the Islands, the communications systems and also, although not mentioned, the satellite control of the region with or without the help of the North American partners in the mission of "watch over the world, along with the incursions of the submersibles that are never detailed," they point out in the chronicle of a new anniversary of the Mount Pleasant Complex.

“The British armed forces are delighted to be able to count on MPC for their combined military exercises, because unlike the United Kingdom where they must be very careful with private property and possible consequences, in the Malvinas they only receive applause and exclamations of support,” maintains from the media that supports the British usurpation.


By Agenda Malvinas


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