The head of the US Southern Command toured the Strait of Magellan and was in Cabo Vírgenes

In an institutional tweet uploaded by the United States Southern Command, it was announced that, yesterday, the Head of that continental military organization, Laura Richardson; She was in the south of Chile, meeting with the leadership of the neighboring country's armed forces.

21 de April de 2023 14:39

The four-star general, traveling and supervising the most important natural channel on the planet that connects the Pacific with the Atlantic.

The images shown show that the US Commander General Laura Richardson arrived in Punta Arenas accompanied by the US ambassador Bernadette Meehan ; which embarked on the oceanic patrol vessel OPV Fuentealba moored at the naval base of the capital of the XII Region ; that he then toured the bi-oceanic passage in a helicopter and that they were in the Chilean sector of Cabo Vírgenes/Punta Dungenes - the southernmost geographical landmark of the South American continent; where he spoke with the members of the maritime control detachment of the neighboring country, at the eastern mouth of the Strait of Magellan, and made an observation from the lighthouse.

The brief tweet from the US Southern Command indicated that yesterday, “Chilean military leaders” received Commander General Laura Richardson and the US diplomatic representative in that country, “for a tour of the Strait of Magellan and a briefing on bilateral security efforts in the region.”

Without a doubt, part of the dialogue held has been focused on analyzing the permanent transit of the Chinese fleet from the Pacific to the Atlantic, which crosses the Strait twice a year to come and fish, without regulation or control; on the limit (or within) the Exclusive Economic Zone of Argentina.

Until 7:53 p.m. yesterday , the four-star general, Ambassador Meehan and the military delegation from both countries were in Cabo Vírgenes.The place and time can be corroborated through a tweet posted by the diplomatic representative, in which she asks: Do you know where I am?

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