Justice ruled in favor of Joe Lewis for access to Lago Escondido

The highest court of justice of Río Negro revoked the sentences that ordered the Province to guarantee reaching the lake by the short route and determined that the public will only be able to access Lago Escondido through a 33-kilometer mountainous route.

3 de September de 2023 18:09

The decision was made by the judges of the Rio Negro STJ, Ricardo Apcarian, Sergio Barotto and Judge Cecilia Criado.

In a ruling that seeks to end a discussion of 18 years and 4 months, the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) of the province of Río Negro resolved that public access to Lago Escondido will be carried out exclusively through the mountain trail, a route of approximately 33 kilometers. This ruling revoked the previous rulings of the Bariloche Court of Civil and Commercial Appeals and the former civil judge of first instance Carlos Cuéllar, which had ordered access via the Tacuifí road , known as the short trace.

The judges of the Rio Negro STJ, Ricardo Apcarian, Sergio Barotto and Judge Cecilia Criado , partially admitted the appeals presented by the State Prosecutor's Office of the province and the company Hidden Lake SA, owned by the English tycoon Joe Lewis . This decision comes after years of intense disputes and claims by various social, political and trade organizations that advocated for public access to the lake through the Tacuifí road.

The Tacuifí road, despite being shorter, crossed private properties, including that of tycoon Joe Lewis, who acquired the ranch where Lago Escondido is located in the 1990s.

By Agenda Malvinas


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