Antarctic Treaty consultative meetings focused on tourism and environmental impact

India hosted the meeting of representatives of nations from around the world on Antarctic issues. There were discussions about health issues due to avian flu, tourism and environmental impact.

9 de June de 2024 10:14

Environmental protection, safety in Antarctic operations and tourism were the topics highlighted by national officials.

The Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting and the Environmental Protection Committee were held in India , in the city of Kochi , in the State of Kerala , for 11 days, at the end of May.

It was behind closed doors, and more than 400 delegates from 56 countries participated. 17 management plans for Antarctic Specially Protected Areas and modifications to the list of historical and monumental sites were approved.

In an official report, attendees reaffirmed the Antarctic Treaty (1959) and the Protocol on Environmental Protection of the Antarctic Treaty (Madrid Protocol, 1991). At the same time, the possibilities of tourism development on the white continent were raised.

The Environmental Protection Committee determined to improve the evaluation of the environmental impact of the main activities and develop an international framework for environmental monitoring in Antarctica .

For his part, the head of the Ministry of Earth Sciences and Food Processing Industries, Shri Kiren Rijiju , announced India 's plan to establish the Antarctic research station, Maitri-II .

There was a call to increase the use of renewable energy, as well as generate measures to minimize the risks of highly pathogenic avian influenza .

The Argentine authorities who participated in the meetings reported that the work focused on scientific activity , international cooperation actions, environmental protection, safety in Antarctic operations and tourism , among others.

Regarding the most relevant issues, they commented that the adoption of a Decision stands out so that the Consultative Parties begin to develop a comprehensive, flexible and dynamic framework to regulate Antarctic tourism .

The Argentine Delegation was made up of representatives of the National Directorate of Antarctic Foreign Policy and the National Directorate of the Antarctic of this Foreign Ministry, and the Joint Antarctic Command (COCOANTAR).


By Agenda Malvinas


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