The kelpers made the extension of fishing licenses official for 25 years

They ensured that at least 51% of the capital of the joint companies established with Spaniards remains in their hands.

13 de October de 2022 16:13

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“The Island Government has made public the granting of the new fishing licenses through its publication in the Malvina Islands Gazette , the local official bulletin. It includes all the companies in the archipelago that form joint ventures with Galician companies, a total of seven companies that together form the joint ventures that operate the 16 large trawlers from Vigo that participate in the lucrative capture of Loligo squid," as confirmed by the Spanish newspaper Faro de Vigo , early this Thursday the 13th.

In this way, the Iberian fleet ensures fishing for another 25 years (always illegally), in the abundant waters of the southwest Atlantic that the British usurp and plunder from Argentina. In exchange, the companies that make up these long-term alliances , "become under the shareholding control" of the English colony, "given that the condition to access this new license required that they have at least 51%" of the package be in the hands of Kelper companies.

The project of the illegitimate illegal government that usurps Malvinas, aims to achieve greater malvinization of the fishing carried out around the islands, and with this - of course - take another step to strengthen its colonial position.

Since its promulgation in 2019 (although it became official in 2021), the Galician consignees began to work to reach agreements with the companies of the British colony, some of them becoming public (as is the case of Copemar with its partner Beauchene Fishing for the joint venture South Atlantic Squid ) or reforming others (such as the local Seafish and Seaview , which joined together to create Polar Seafish and exploit the Vigo boats Robin M.Lee, Sil and New Polar, from Lafonia ). However, prior to the official publication in the bulletin, there was still the question of whether all of them would enter the process launched by Malvinas. “In the end they are all there, it is official,” confirm sources familiar with the process.

The official Kelper reference bulletin; indicates who are the winners of the licenses (ITQB), and the continuity of the individual transferable quota of the companies. Figured by species of capture, “the local companies that access the new licenses of Squid Loligo:Argos Group (partner of Pereira ), Beauchene Fishing ( Marfrío and Copemar ), Fortuna ( Pescapuerta ), RBC ( Rampesca ), Southern Cross ( Chymar ) and Seafish and Seaview ( Lafonia ). The joint ventures will release the licenses on January 1, says Faro de Vigo.

More work for Spanish shipyards

The official publication also constitutes; the starting point for fishing companies to order the construction of new vessels to replace the current ones. “ In fact, in recent weeks the construction of the Prion by Petrel Fishing Company Ltd, a company owned by the Pescapuerta Group, has already been made official. and also the trawler that will replace the damaged Baffin Bay, from Copemar,” indicates the media. Vessel that, as we reported yesterday; Its assembly is already underway at the Armón Shipyard in Vigo.

Before the pandemic, the renovation of four of the 16 vessels that participate in the Loligo squid fishery in the Malvinas was completed. All of them were carried out in naval shipyards in the Galician city of Marín by Nodosa Shipyard.These being the Falcon, Argos Cíes, Monteferro and Montelourido .

By Agenda Malvinas


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