Kelpers participate in Brazil with a Malvinas stand in the most important tourist event in South America

Before the eyes and silence of the Secretary of Tourism of the Nation Daniel Scioli, and the president of the Fuegian Institute of Tourism, Dante Querciali.

17 de April de 2024 10:42

A new act of British provocation and Brazilian complicity, by allowing a Kelpers stand at the WTM.

The organization of the British colony established in national and Fuegian territory, promotes the Malvinas Islands as a tourist destination under the name and flag of the Malvina Islands , at the San Pablo fair.

This occurs days before the commemoration of the 42nd anniversary of the Malvinas War , and before the eyes of the former Argentine ambassador to Brazil and current Secretary of Tourism, Daniel Scioli ; the same as the president of the Fuegian Institute of Tourism, Dante Querciali ; where the Malvina Islands Tourist Board exhibited, once again, its tourism project at World Travel Market - WTM Latin America.

The Kelper stand is located a few meters from the exhibition proposal of Argentina as a country and Tierra del Fuego as a province.

And although the British organization openly promotes the Malvinas Islands as its own tourist destination, during the first day of the event there was no repudiation, nor signs of rejection from the government of President Javier Milei , nor from the Fuegian management led by Gustavo Melella.

“In fact, not even for honor or their duties as public officials, was there even a snub from businessmen and national authorities, respectively; nor did they carry out “acts of rebellion” in the form of “selfies” or videos criticizing the promotion of the controversial stand”; journalist Marcos Llover from the specialized magazine Ladevi rightly criticizes.

It should be noted that this promotion also means the appearance of a new tourist competitor for international tourism for Argentina, which not only affects it territorially, but also emotionally.

This fact did not generate any opinion in the president of the Fuegian Tourism Institute or in the large delegation that accompanies him; the Chamber of Tourism of Tierra del Fuego, the Hotel and Gastronomic Chamber of Tierra del Fuego and the Fuegian Association of Old Lady and Tourism Agencies.

Oblivious to the seriousness of a new act that affects Argentine sovereignty, yesterday Tuesday, April 16 - the same day as the inauguration of WTM - ; In.Fue.Tur issued a statement informing about the presence of Querciali in one of the most important fairs in the region with the estimated presence of some 27 thousand professionals from the sector and 620 exhibiting companies” ; but without warning or hiding the tourist promotion, in the same space; of the British colony established in the Malvinas.




By Agenda Malvinas


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