The kelpers will carry out a public consultation to evaluate whether or not there is support for salmon farms

For some time now, the British company Unity Marine has been planning to grow salmon in Malvinas waters. In 2022, the illegitimate island government rejected the proposal. The firm then initiated legal action. Now they agreed to a popular consultation.

18 de June de 2024 07:51

“The (illegitimate) Government accepts that a full public consultation be held before making a new decision on the issue,” indicates the usurpers' statement.

The Kelpers will carry out a public consultation to define the possibility of installing salmon farms in the Malvina Islands. The British company , interested in the development of this industry, agreed with the illegitimate Government of the islands to hold a popular consultation in response to the controversy that even led to legal action .

The authorities that usurp the Argentine territory of the South Atlantic reported on May 27 that an agreement was reached with the British company Unity Marine Limited to carry out the public consultation and stop the cases initiated in Justice.

It was reported that the consultancy will be carried out through the firm MacAlister Elliot and Partners, (MEP), with options such as “no salmon farms in the Malvina Islands” and “commercial salmon farming will take place, and is limited only due to the carrying capacity of the environment.”

The company agreed to carry out the consultation, taking into account that in 2022 the Malvinas Administration denied the possibility of large-scale fish farming in the Malvinas.

Legislative Assembly spokesperson Pete Biggs acknowledged the internal controversy over allowing the Salmoneras facility: “There are very strong positions in the community on both sides of the issue, and any decision could have significant long-term implications for the Malvina Islands. “We are naturally disenchanted with where we are, but what we want most is a decision that is secured against future challenges and we believe that a full public consultation will help that take shape.”

For its part, the company Unity Marine Ltd issued its statement stating that “the industry offers the potential for a significant opportunity for the Malvina Islands, and that it must be correctly and thoroughly understood before making an informed decision.”

Along these same lines, James Wallace, Director of Unity Marine, said that “this issue generates strong feelings in some parts of the community and we hope that people see this decision in the correct light.”

“This is not a tacit approval of large-scale aquaculture; It is the opportunity to calmly explore the potential of a new industry and understand the opportunities and risks it may present before making decisions,” Wallace remarked.


By Agenda Malvinas


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