The Malvinas squatters celebrate 10 years of the referendum with which they intend to legitimize colonial appropriation and looting

This is a population implanted, governed and controlled down to the smallest personal acts by Great Britain.

11 de March de 2023 19:02

A celebration that has no other accompaniment than the Empire itself that governs them.

Ignoring the resolutions of the United Nations and the expression of 190 of the 193 countries that comprise it; Maintaining its dominant position through imperial and military arrogance, the English government and the settlers established in the Malvinas celebrate in absolute global solitude; the 10 years of a referendum carried out among 1,700 subjects of the crown, to demonstrate in favor of maintaining the status of the islands as a British overseas territory.

The referendum was held between March 10 and 11, 2013 and the results were known the next day. Voter turnout was 92%. 98.8% voted in favor of remaining British. Anyway , three votes against were recorded.

Now, 10 years after that date, in the context of the Argentine government making official the repeal of the “Foradori-Duncan Pact” and the decree that authorized a second flight between São Paulo (Brazil) and Malvinas; The rulers tell their subjects, disposable instruments of colonialism; "The Islands are British."

"The Malvina Islands (Malvinas) are British. Ten years ago, 99.8% of islanders who voted said they wanted to remain part of the United Kingdom family. Our commitment to the Malvinas (Malvinas) is unwavering," he said . transmitted by the British Chancellor, James Cleverly , to the head of the island's Legislative Assembly Leona Roberts in the 47 seconds that the minister took to greet her through a videoconference broadcast on the Foreign Office's Twitter account.

De rigueur and in response to Cleverly , Roberts conveyed that the colonists' desire to be part of the United Kingdom "remains strong today."

The global loneliness that surrounds British claims in the Malvinas is already measurable and palpable and not only in the diplomatic field. They know it.  In no way did they overlook the global support for Argentina, through its soccer team in its victory in Qatar; and the empowerment that the demand for our sovereign rights had and has, chanted by millions of voices in all the countries of the world, through “boys.”


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