"Malvinas, the last letter", the video game of the war between the English and Argentines in 1982

With similar aesthetic characteristics of classic strategy games, but with content that touches the most intimate fiber of national sentiment, the video game presents situations that occurred during the battles in the Malvina Islands War.

23 de May de 2024 13:50

An 18-year-old soldier, the last survivor of his battalion, must protect the last words of his fallen comrades until the end of the confrontation against the colonial power.

The video game titled "Malvinas, the last letter" has an approach that covers the consequences of the 1982 war against the usurpers of the South Atlantic. In its plot, it stars an 18-year-old conscript as the last living soldier in the battalion he is part of in defense of Argentine soil.


It is presented in the third person and impacts due to its realistic construction of the conflict that extended from April 2 with the Argentine occupation and the final surrender on June 14, 1982 .

The most interesting thing is that the particular conditions that the young Argentine soldiers had to face, sent to the extreme south of the country in an infamous way by the military dictatorship, are described . There they had to survive as best they could, and many perished, in the face of foreign aggression but also the torture and mistreatment of their own superiors in the Armed Forces . Not to mention the hunger and indescribable cold of the islands that are located about 1,200 kilometers from Antarctica. .

The filmmakers are the members of “El Burro Studio”, an Argentine production company, and it is a story of action, adventure and stealth. The trailer for "Malvinas, the last letter" was released in the last few hours .

The detail that makes your skin crawl just thinking about it is that the 18-year-old soldier , the last survivor of his battalion, must protect the last words of his fallen comrades until the end of the war.

Although there are still a few days left to play it, the video game is now official and has an official page on Steam , where those interested can add it to “favorites” .

About the venture, the C5N media portal comments that “the immediate antecedent of a video game about the Malvinas was the project called "Malvinas 2032." The game was designed and programmed by the Argentine Javier Otaegui in order to honor the veterans and fallen in the Malvinas", taking into account that in this case "it began to be programmed in 1996 and was launched in 1999 and sold 1,100 copies from 1999 to 2001 in Argentina.”


By Agenda Malvinas


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