Milei received the US Coast Guard that came to control illegal fishing in the South Atlantic

The USCG Cutter James arrived this Monday at the port of Buenos Aires. It will participate in a joint exercise with the Naval Prefecture on the edge of the Exclusive Economic Zone. A new sign of the President's rapprochement with the North American government.

1 de May de 2024 18:15

The president with his sister and general secretary of the presidency Karina Milei and the Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich, welcoming the commander of the US Coast Guard.

As part of the rapprochement with the United States in matters of defense and security, President Javier Milei received the Cutter James ship of that country's Coast Guard in the port of Buenos Aires. The North American agency's vessel arrived to carry out patrol tasks jointly with the Naval Prefecture, with a view to preventing illegal fishing at the limit of the Exclusive Economic Zone, in the South Atlantic. The president was accompanied by his sister and general secretary of the Presidency, Karina Milei; the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, and the director of the Naval Prefecture, national Naval prefect, Guillermo Giménez Pérez.

It is one of the largest and most technologically advanced ships in the Coast Guard fleet. It is his first visit to Argentina. As revealed in the Prefecture, during the government of Alberto Fernández a possible visit by a Coast Guard ship had been evaluated, but it never materialized.

The ship, 127 meters long and 16 meters wide, arrived in Argentina weeks after the visit of the head of the United States Southern Command, General Laura Richardson, and the purchase from Denmark of 24 F-fighter aircraft. 16, with North American military equipment, for 650 million dollars, gestures aimed at strengthening ties with the West on the global stage. Aside from the security operations, the visit is closely followed in the Navy and in military sectors due to the progress in exchange with the northern country.

The Cutter James (WMSL 754) belongs to the US Coast Guard and its arrival at the port is part of “a significant moment in the continued collaboration between the United States and Argentina, aimed at improving maritime security and combating illicit activities.” at sea,” reported the Naval Prefecture.

The Naval Prefecture announced that the crew of 111 men and women of the USCG Cutter James will conduct joint exercises with Argentine forces to “emphasize the spirit of cooperation of the mission.”

The presence of the Argentine prefects on board the visiting ship is intended to exchange information about “good practices applied to security, sea control and environmental protection carried out daily by the two institutions,” it was explained.

Since 2001, based on an agreement between the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and the Argentine Naval Prefecture, the exchange of personnel is promoted, for which the national maritime authority sends an officer to provide services and perform tasks in the northern country.

In the last 23 years, twelve officers have gone through this experience and performed various functions to channel the flow of information on maritime and port security and protection, as well as the prevention of pollution from ships and public safety, among other activities.

The crew is dedicated to missions that include combating drug trafficking and monitoring illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing activities in the Atlantic. “Their work not only supports the needs of the United States, but also contributes to regional stability and security,” the Prefecture reported.

The Coast Guard Cutter James is based in the port of North Charleston, South Carolina. It has a deck for helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, as part of the aviation support facilities.


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