Mirgor presented the multimodal port project in Tierra del Fuego and talked about reestablishing the link with Malvinas

Nicky Caputo's Mirgor group presented this Monday the multimodal port project that is proposed to be built in Río Grande, the Atlantic coast of the northern sector of the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego.

13 de December de 2022 09:58

Photography: courtesy of El Sureño newspaper

In an event led by the Governor of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands, Gustavo Melella , together with the Vice Governor of the province Mónica Urquiza , legislators and authorities of the national, provincial and municipal order, the CEO of the Mirgor group and representative of Nicolás Caputo in Tierra del Fuego, José Luis Alonso; announced this Monday, December 12, the project of a multimodal port to be built north of the city of Río Grande, for which they foresee an investment in the order of 380 million dollars.

According to the official information published by the Fuegian government itself, who reproduced what was expressed by Alonso ; " The port will be designed to provide services to all industrial and civil activities in the region, on a property of more than 200 hectares located on the northern coast of Río Grande ."

Precisely, the sector where the port complex will be developed is located 17 kilometers north of the city of Río Grande, within the Las Violetas ranch property of the Romero family, and has as a special characteristic; that before extending with a dock into the sea, in this case millions of tons of coastal soil will be extracted, to generate a large floodable area that will then be filled by the waters of the Atlantic, to there - in the shelter - house ships and ships. of great size.

"This work will open new development opportunities for Tierra del Fuego and in particular in Río Grande and all its associated industries. Due to its location, this new port infrastructure is a strategic point on all southern maritime routes to the Antarctic territory and, in particular, for the reestablishment of transit with the Malvinas Islands,” said Alonso , according to the government on its Telegram account; about this project that aims to: “contribute to the development of the province by promoting industrial and commercial activities, generating new opportunities and allowing the replenishment of maritime fleets, among other activities.”

And according to the same source; “The initiative will require more than 400 workers during its execution,” it will begin “in July 2023 and is expected to enter service in July 2025.”

The expansion of the productive matrix

With approval, Governor Melella recalled that within his management plan has been the “expansion of the productive matrix of the province” and “expanding the port network ”, based on the need that Río Grande has for a “port for the development, for growth, for the industry.” “It will be a before and after for the development of the city, also, in the industrialization of gas and for the generation of more jobs,” predicted the president .

Melella also highlighted the work of the provincial State through its technical teams accompanying this private impulse, understanding that " in the face of a private investment, the State has to establish the necessary conditions for it to work and for it to be profitable in a social sense, in the generation of employment for the entire province and that represents a great boost to growth through the development of new industries for Tierra del Fuego.”

Currently, Mirgor , together with the company Serman, is developing conceptual engineering work and environmental impact studies in order to comply with the requirements established by the organizations involved at the local, provincial and national level.


Dachary: “It would be crazy to think that we are going to favor the logistics of usurpation”

Consulted by Agenda Malvinas , the secretary of the Tierra del Fuego area, Andrés Dachary ; He referred to the statements of the CEO of Mirgor regarding the port serving to reestablish transit with the Malvinas Islands: “We absolutely agree on strengthening the capabilities of Rio Grande, as a pole of attraction towards everything that is the islands of the South Atlantic, of the possibilities, obviously, generated by having a port, not only the expansion of the productive matrix, the generation of sustainable employment, the capacity to operate with Antarctic programs, with fishing container vessels. And obviously , when the usurpation of the Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich ends, to have strengthened that capacity for an intelligent connection with the islands. But not today. Today it would be crazy to think that we are precisely going to favor the logistics of the usurpation, when in addition that economy is what feeds back the position of the British in the South Atlantic,” said the official.

"Today let's say, (the port) is as important as the diplomatic dimension, as the military dimension of having an increasing amount of resources, which can guarantee the fulfillment of our national interests, also affected the economy, and part of the economy "It occurs through trade with what is the looting of our natural resources," the official concluded.

By Agenda Malvinas


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