Nation calls a public hearing for the exploration of the West Malvinas Basin

These are the first steps for an environmental impact study that could allow the exploitation of energy resources on the Argentine continental shelf of the South Atlantic.

20 de June de 2024 19:16

The authorities pointed out that Argentina is facing a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to investigate its potential in terms of maritime deposits.

The public consultation that is carried out virtually generated the registration of 216 citizens, with the participation of the Secretary of Tourism, Environment and Sports, Daniel Sciol, and the Undersecretary Ana Lamas , as president of the administrative process.

It is planned to carry out a survey of 3D seismic data of the seabed in blocks 123 and 124 of the Malvinas Oeste basin , on the Argentine Continental Shelf. The project titled Malvinas 3D Phase 2 is located offshore in national jurisdiction.

In her opening speech, Undersecretary Ana Lamas explained that “this hearing is framed in a better knowledge of the resources that underlie the bed of our continental shelf, strengthening policies regarding science and technology, beyond their application to the energy field.”

“Argentina is faced with a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to investigate its potential in terms of maritime gas and oil deposits with the possibility of exploitation, with all the environmental precautions and care, responsible environmental management plans and forceful controls and thus achieve the entry of foreign currency that it needs so much, without damaging the environment or biodiversity,” said Lamas.

For his part, Daniel Scioli highlighted that “the environmental agenda is of fundamental relevance for the sustainable economic growth of our country,” and added that “in this energy transition, Argentina has the potential to reduce emissions globally, displacing other fuels.” more polluting like mineral coal.”

“In this context, the environmental impact assessment takes place, which I especially value due to the political participation it involves. “We have to find balance between the economic, the social and the environmental,” the official mentioned.


By Agenda Malvinas


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