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They ask Milei to stop the international tender for ships for the Prefecture

Naval Engineer Raúl Podetti denounces that the tender involves a million-dollar fraud and that it violates Argentine legislation.

10 de March de 2024 13:56

If there is no presidential intervention, the bidding will open next Friday the 15th.

Through a note published in the Argentine press titled " For naval business if there is money" , the naval engineer, researcher and writer Raúl Podetti, denounces the implementation of a new and million-dollar fraudulent act to build ships abroad, -in this case by the Argentine Naval Prefecture- violating national laws and disregarding the capacity and professionalism of the national shipyards and their workers.

According to what the complainant himself told Agenda Malvinas during the morning of this Sunday the 10th; The question is like this. In November of last year, days before the new government took office, the Prefecture launched a tender to import four patrol boats with the argument of combating illegal fishing in the Argentine sea.

Four Multipurpose Ocean Patrol Vessels, equal to those that Mauricio Macri had purchased for the Navy in 2018 and at prices much higher than those current in the market, from the French shipyard Naval Group . Patrol vessels that began to arrive in 2020 during the administration of Alberto Fernández , who also did not investigate the repeated and descriptive complaint of engineer Podetti .  

On this occasion, Raúl Podetti criticizes the decision of the Argentine Naval Prefecture to open an international tender, under the argument that we Argentines cannot do them in time; “which is illegal because the naval industry law prevents it. It says it has to be national”; and questions the slowness or failure to realize in time that 40 years after the last acquisition, those in service “are old.”

The engineer and researcher also denounces that, to bypass Argentine legislation, Prefecture “managed to get the naval unions, both public and private, to say that Argentine naval workers are useless. Which is also known to have been an act of corruption also by the unionists themselves, to say such a betrayal that is absolutely false, contrary to everything they have said their entire lives.”

In this context and supported by the falsehood about the slowness of the Argentine shipyards and that their workers are useless, the Prefecture called a tender abroad to import ships equal to those imported by the Navy and that after four years of stay in the Country “are not used.”

The latter is so clear that you do not need to be a naval engineer or a member of the Navy to know that the Navy's oceanic patrol vessels, the ARA Cordero , the ARA Bouchard , the ARA Piedrabuena and the ARA Storni have practically never sailed. .Just by living or visiting Mar del Plata, it will be possible to verify that the four ships do not move from the dock of the Mar del Plata Naval Base.

By Agenda Malvinas


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