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The purchase of the F-16 loses expectations and it is reinforced that the chosen one is the Chinese JF-17 combat aircraft

This Tuesday, March 14, Argentina announced its interest in purchasing the Chinese JF-17 fighter aircraft.

18 de March de 2023 11:18

The JF-17, without any British component, is placed above the old American F-16.

According to the official publication, the Ambassador of Argentina, Sabino Vaca Narvaja , held a meeting with the Minister of Defense, Jorge Taiana . The meeting took place in Buenos Aires, and the strengthening of Argentine-Chinese relations in the field of defense, in a context where the Asian Nation supports the claim of the South American Country for the sovereignty of the Malvinas.

Washington waits for London

The news of Argentina's renewed interest in the JF-17 comes as President Alberto Fernández had said almost a month ago that he had matters of greater interest than purchasing fighter jets.

In any case, the Ministry of Defense has focused on reinforcing the military presence in Patagonia and to do so, the last thing it imagines is being trapped in situations like those already experienced during and after the war, of having war material that cannot be used due to the lack of spare parts and components that are manufactured by British industry.

The F-16 with British components does not meet Argentina's expectations of once again having a combat fleet.

Therefore, the possibility of purchasing the obsolete F-16 A/B MLU from Denmark does not comply with that premise, since they are old, second-hand aircraft and also have British elements, for which the United Kingdom does not and will not guarantee. its replacement and replacement.

Still, Washington is still waiting for a decision from London to negotiate with Argentina, but there is none. It is said that the pressure on London is not great, and political circles in Washington united around the idea of Argentines flying airliners. American combatants are asking the White House administration to increase pressure on London.

What does Argentina want?

On the other hand, Buenos Aires is trying not to fall into the UK's trap. If at some point London allows it and Argentina obtains the F-16 , it could damage the political position on the disputed status of the Malvina Islands. At the same time At the same time, Buenos Aires realizes that the acquisition of the F-16 means a serious dependency to maintain the technical condition, serviceability and combat capability of its F-16 fleet in Washington and London. Something Argentina knows , it must not happen again.

London was in an advantageous position until a year ago. Then it emerged that Britain could block a possible sale of JF-17 to Argentina. The reason: the JF-17 use British-made ejection seats. However, it turned out that this was at the request of one of the customers of the Chinese fighter: Pakistan. In this case, China has assured Argentina that it will integrate locally produced ejection seats used in other Chinese fighter aircraft. London thus lost its advantage, realizing that Beijing could circumvent the British ban.

With each passing day, the possibility of F-16s flying over Argentine skies is evaporating. Especially in light of China's desire to build a JF-17 plant in Argentina. If this happens, such a deal will be considered a blow to the image of the US in Latin America. China will increase its influence in the region and Argentina will not only get a new fleet but also the opportunity to sell Chinese fighters in the region. A place where there are quite a few clients who would like to acquire the Chinese fighter.

When the MiG-35 was an option

Previously, when Buenos Aires was in the initial initiative for Chinese and American fighters, the Russian MiG-35 was projected as a possible supplier.At that time, almost a year and a half ago, even the Russian MiG was considered a favorite.

By Agenda Malvinas


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