Due to Milei's announcement of a base in Ushuaia with the US, the Chilean Parliament meets in Antarctica

The meeting will be at the Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva base, on King George Island. The parliamentarians thus respond to the announcements of the Argentine president, together with the Chief of the US Southern Command; to build a comprehensive naval base in Ushuaia.

9 de May de 2024 11:05

Chilean Antarctic Base (FACH) President Eduardo Frei Montalva, on King George Island, where trans-Andean legislators will meet in the Defense Commission.

The legislative activity in Antarctica by the Chilean deputies , accompanied by the commander in chief of the Air Force, is linked to the border controversy with Argentina regarding the rights over the white continent and the statements of President Javier Milei on his trip fleeting, and off schedule, to Ushuaia, on April 4, when he met with the military chief of the US Southern Command.

The president of Amarillos for Chile, deputy Andrés Jouannet , was the one who asked to develop the Defense Commission at a base in Chilean Antarctica, taking into account that during January 2023 the parliamentarians had made a similar visit to the three naval bases of the trans-Andean nation.

“I requested the trip a few weeks ago, in the context of the claims that Argentina and President Javier Milei have,” Jouannet said. “I asked the commission to meet in Antarctica, as we already did once.”

He added that “given what the president of Argentina has stated lately, we believe that a power of the Chilean State has to be present.”

For his part, deputy Christian Moreira (UDI) , considered that "it is mainly to see the work that is being done, it is a gesture of sovereignty for the 75 years of uninterrupted permanence in Antarctic territory."

The trip of the deputies to the white continent will begin on May 21 , on a plane that will make the first leg to Punta Arenas . Then, to finally reach Antarctica , they will board a Hercules C-130.

The statements of Argentine President Javier Milei about the construction of an Antarctic logistics center in Ushuaia motivated this response from the Chilean deputies . Milei , for his part, had argued that the construction of a naval base would support Argentine claims to Antarctica .

However, after confirming a supposed project that would have the support and intervention of the United States, the Presidency did not provide further details. The announcements had been made within the framework of an improvised meeting with the head of the North American Southern Command, Laura Richardson, on April 4 in Ushuaia, off the agenda and without the presence of the Municipalities or the provincial government.





By Agenda Malvinas


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