They request information from the Foreign Ministry about the megaport that the usurpers will build in the Malvinas

The building announced by Great Britain is of particular interest for Argentina not only because it is located in a national territory that the British illegally occupy, but also because it would compete with the port of Ushuaia in terms of Antarctic logistics.

18 de May de 2024 16:20

The megaport planned by Great Britain in the Malvinas Islands would be direct competition in Antarctic logistics with the port of Ushuaia.

The Fuegian deputy of the PRO, Héctor Stefani , requested a report from the national government to find out if Javier Milei's management is working on the analysis of the implications that the construction of a "megaport" in the Antarctic region would have for our country and the Antarctic region. Malvinas Islands by the usurpers of the South Atlantic.

The parliamentary measure was approved during the Foreign Relations Commission of the Chamber of Deputies , held last Wednesday.

“We are asking the Foreign Ministry if there are reports that have been prepared regarding the construction of this port, so that we deputies do not deal with information that is not public,” said Stefani.

He added that “a request for reports is not a complaint, it is having access to public information, the Foreign Ministry has a Malvinas Secretariat and we must know if they have prepared a report, because the construction of this port is going to be important for the Antarctic sector. Argentinian".

In the report request, it was highlighted that the “megaport” of the Malvinas Islands “intends to be used for activities linked to oil exploitation, fishing, tourism, research and even defense, undermining Argentine sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, Antarctica and the Sea.” Argentinian".


By Agenda Malvinas


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