Tierra del Fuego proposes to open commercial flights to the Marambio and Petrel Antarctic bases

He gave it endorsement through a Law that declared its air connection from Río Grande and Ushuaia “of strategic interest.” He entrusted the provincial government with making arrangements with the national authorities to enable the routes to public, private and mixed companies.

23 de June de 2024 15:27

First landing of a Saab-340 of the Argentine Air Force, on June 1; on the brand new runway of the Petrel base.

34 years after its provincialization, Tierra del Fuego promotes the opening of air routes between the Fuegian airports of Río Grande and Ushuaia, and the Antarctic bases Petrel and Marambio. It did so through a Law passed unanimously last Wednesday the 12th by its legislature; based on a project presented by the Justicialist Legislator Juan Carlos Pino and enriched by the contributions of his bench colleague, Victoria Vuoto , by Pablo Villegas of the Fueguino Popular Movement and Raúl Von Der Thusen of Somos Fueguinos.

In this way, the Fuegian parliament raised the need to have flights between the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego and its Antarctic territory, as “of strategic interest.” To this end, it entrusted the provincial Executive Branch to “manage before the National Transportation Secretariat and/or other competent authority, the authorization of the air commercial route” from the airports of Ushuaia and Río Grande; to the base airfields; Vicecomodoro Marambio and Petrel, where Argentina has operational aviation runways enabled for military flights.

The author of the project focused on the need to have an air bridge between the airports closest to the white continent worldwide; to international development in the scientific field and to the opening of a new tourism market, to be covered by public, private or mixed companies.


The Law approved by the legislature

Article 1.- The commercial air connection between its island territories and Argentine Antarctica is declared of strategic interest for the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands.

Article 2.- The Antarctic period of commercial air transport is established between the months of September and April of the following year.

Article 3.- During the Antarctic period, the Executive Branch will promote Argentine Antarctic commercial air activity with different public policies that stimulate it, accompanying the public-private sector in the different undertakings to consolidate said activity.

Article 4.- Within the framework of article 1 of this law, the Executive Branch is entrusted with manage before the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation and/or other competent authority, the authorization of the commercial air route between the towns of the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego Argentina - Antarctica Argentina (Marambio Bases and Petrel Base) the concession and exploitation of regular air transport services for passengers, cargo and mail, with the following parameters:

to)    The concession or exploitation may be of public, private or mixed capital with participation of the State;

b)    The aircraft must have the technical specifications required for this purpose;

c)    Companies that obtain the concession must have a seat or delegation in the Fuegian city in which they operate;

d)    promote air tourist routes between the towns of the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego Argentina – Argentine Antarctica (Marambio Bases and Petrel Base);

and)    promote the creation of equipment services for passengers;

F)     promote care of the Antarctic environment, establishing training for all actors involved, dissemination campaigns at the municipal, provincial and national level;

g)    The activity must be planned and carried out in such a way as to limit the detrimental impact on the Antarctic environment and dependent and associated ecosystems; be carried out in a manner consistent with the principles of article 3 (Environmental Principles) of the Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty on Environmental Protection approved by National Law 24,216; and be modified, suspended or canceled if they cause or threaten to cause impacts on the Antarctic environment or its dependent or associated ecosystems that are incompatible with these principles;

h)    The air routes will be established between the Malvinas Islands International Airport of the city of Ushuaia-Marambio Base and/or Petrel in Antarctica Argentina, and between the Gobernador Ramón Trejo Noel International Airport of the city of Río Grande-Marambio Base and/or o Petrel in the Argentine Antarctic and in those that are developed in the future;

Yo)     coordinate, plan and execute together with the Fuegian Institute of Tourism (INFUETUR) and the Tourism areas of the municipalities and municipalities of the Province, promotional campaigns related to Antarctic tourism, incorporating commercial air transport; and

j)     The concessionaire must disseminate and enforce the “Guide for visitors to Antarctica”; to ensure that all visitors are informed and can comply with the Treaty and Protocol.

Article 5.- The Executive Branch may agree and agree on the provision of other services not provided for in this law that may be provided from the Province in its Antarctic territory, always within the framework of the national and provincial laws that determine the Antarctic policy and in strict observation of the regulations of the Antarctic Treaty.


Article 6 - The National deputies and senators of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands are invited to accompany this document for its completion.


Article 7.- Contact the Executive Branch .



By Agenda Malvinas


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