A delegation from the Israeli oil company Navitas is currently in the Malvinas

They have just ratified their development plan for the Sea Lion field.

29 de September de 2023 10:07

It was confirmed by legislator Teslyn Barkman, responsible for Natural and Mining Resources of the British colony in the Malvinas.

A last-minute publication by the pro-British Uruguayan website Mercopress , which reproduces an interview from the island weekly Penguin News , makes it known that the illegitimate “Legislative Assembly of the Malvina Islands” is committed to “ the development of a well-regulated and very robust hydrocarbons from an environmental point of view, and (that) this policy has not changed.”

Expressions in quotes, says mercopress ; They belong to the legislator MLA Teslyn Barkman , responsible for the area of Natural Resources and Mining of the British colony in the Malvinas , to the Penguin News . Statements made in the context of the visit that a delegation of the oil company of Israeli origin Navitas Petroleum , associated with Rockhopper Exploration is now underway on the Islands.

“On the occasion of the visit of the Navitas delegation, which has already announced an ambitious development plan for the Sea Lion field in the North Malvina basin, the legislator was asked if there have been any changes in hydrocarbon policy in the Assembly. Legislative and their overwhelming response was “no” ; indicates the medium. This, taking into account that the United Kingdom Labor party has expressed itself against assigning new licenses to develop the oil and gas sectors in the North Sea.A matter that for Barkman the “Malvinas already have a hydrocarbon sector”, beyond that “everything that the United Kingdom government faces will always be a factor to take into account” , so he anticipated that everything they project and do in the matter, it will be transmitted to Labor as to “your Majesty”.

As for how the environmental duties of the Legislative Assembly can be balanced with the economic goals and commitment to hydrocarbon development, the legislator said: “in the same way we do now with our economy based on natural resources. It should be well regulated, and cannot be sustained at the expense of the future.”

And regarding the economic and financial expectations arising from the hydrocarbon exploitation project, he said that "it is the government's task to apply intelligent decisions, ensuring that when the benefits of said industry cease, --something that will happen at some point because there will be no more oil of commercial value in the Malvinas--, let's not have the country turned upside down as a result of that end."

MLA Barkman also announced that they will set up a national Sovereign Fund , “that is, an investment fund that accumulates the government's supplementary profits, either from the surpluses generated for the government itself as long as the bonanza lasts, can ensure that a topsy-turvy scenario will not occur.” be fulfilled.”

Mercopress recalls that the latest hydrocarbon developments in the islands have included a review of the plans for Navitas and Rockhopper to undertake the development of the Sea Lion/León Marino project , with large proven reserves. Taking into account that, at the beginning of this year It was reported that the final decisions on investments were going to be anticipated in the course of 2024, starting with the technical work, and that after 30 months of operations the first oil shipments will be available.

The same thing that ran in parallel from the announcements of Argos Resources . A crude oil and gas exploration company registered in the Islands that sold an exploration license, in the field identified as PL001 in the northern basin of the archipelago to JHI Associates . A Canadian with greater economic volume and experience also dedicated to the production of oil and gas. Commercial operation that was consented to by the government of the colony, after the trial by Argos Resources , a company that emerged as a new venture of the Spanish fishing company Argos , one of the largest based on the islands.


By Agenda Malvinas


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