Fifteen days after the Provision that canceled the LeoLabs operation, the English radar is still active

In a profound game of silence and obscurantism, the national and provincial governments do not report on the executive orders and the deadlines given for the disconnection and disarmament of the radar.

7 de September de 2023 10:37

Neither the National nor the Provincial government reports on the executive process for the disconnection and disarmament of the English radar in Tierra del Fuego.

After 80 days of the first request for suspension from the Ministry of Defense (June 22) , 60 of the strong criticism of the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Juan Martín Paleo published in Infobae (July 9) , 40 of the lapidary joint report of the Ministry of Defense with the INVAP , the National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE), the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces , the National Directorate of Defense Material Comptroller and the National Directorate of Military Strategic Intelligence (August 2) ; already 15 in which the Undersecretary of Telecommunications and Connectivity of the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers who authorized it, decided to cancel “the authorization to LEOLABS completely” (August 23) , which means the definitive deactivation of the Band Earth Station S installed in Tolhuin;The British radar remains connected to the electrical grid and broadband internet, and without any information from both the national government and the province of Tierra del Fuego, regarding the process that the company must follow for deactivation and disarmament.

In an obvious conflicting confrontation, two antagonistically opposed forces are visible; who raise in detail and with crystal clarity, the danger that the radar of Irish and British capitals on Argentine and Fuegian soil possesses, "for violating national security, being incompatible with the National Defense Policy Directive"; and also for attacking Argentine sovereignty (the Ministry of Defense, the General Headquarters of the Armed Forces and scientific organizations) and on the other; who tighten rope and do everything possible to delay the measure already taken and above all, keep society and the media completely uninformed, about what is the executive process that has been ordered to LeoLabs Argentina SRL to comply with the Provision issued reluctantly by the Undersecretary of Telecommunications and Connectivity last Wednesday, August 23 , the deadlines granted for the disconnection of the networks that feed it and the disarmament, and in turn, if there is already one; the opening of a deep investigation to determine the legal, political and institutional responsibilities within the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Nation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Customs Administration and the National University of La Plata, among others .

Imitating this last sector of those who do not inform and play at social and journalistic oblivion of the existence of the radar and its danger that plays out minute by minute on the heads of Argentines; There are also the Tierra del Fuego public powers ; who also does not say and is in charge of the communication process that lists the measures that are or are going to be taken by the Ministry of the Environment, the General Inspection of Justice, the Provincial Directorate of Energy, the Fuegian Collection Agency and the legislature itself .

Playing in the forest of oblivion

  Before the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers they say that the official who is in charge of the process of reversing the authorization of LeoLabs and the effective control of the radar being disarmed, is now the Secretary of Public Innovation Micaela Sánchez Malcolm , and in the Fuegian government, apparently no one. At least there is no one who has come out to explain and say: “I or we are taking charge of executing or controlling that the measure is complied with.”

The only thing that is known unofficially is that last week the director of LeoLabs Argentina SRL Pablo Bilbao (whose voice is not known) went to the municipality of Tolhuin and said he had been informed by the media of Distación Number: DI-2023-15-APN-SSTYCO#JGM of the Chief of Staff and who were waiting to be notified to comply with the measure that was required or requested. While yesterday the head of the Secretariat of Malvinas, Antarctica, Atlantic Islands South and International Affairs, Andrés Dachary responded: Tomorrow (today) the environment communication comes out.I don't have the text yet to see the tenor they gave it.”

By Agenda Malvinas


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