Argentina dismantled the solar panels installed within Chilean territory

This was done by Navy personnel and technicians who dismantled the structure set up at the southeastern mouth of the Strait of Magellan. It took place in the middle of a hostile climate with temperatures of 15 degrees below zero.

18 de June de 2024 16:56

The disarmament was carried out under the watchful eye of the Chilean Army troops.

The Argentine Government dismantled the solar panels that had been placed by mistake in Chilean territory, after the angry complaint of President Gabriel Boric . The operation was carried out early this morning, in the midst of harsh weather that, in any case, did not prevent the technicians sent by the Argentine Navy from carrying out the work.

In an official statement it was reported that the removed panel was part of “a set of three structures consisting of a hybrid energy system that contributes to the enhancement of the facilities of the Maritime Traffic Surveillance and Control Post (PVYCTM) MILESTONE 1 dependent on the Argentine Navy and adjacent to the Cabo Espíritu Santo Surveillance Post, operated by personnel of the Chilean Navy.”

“The solar panels were installed to the north of the housing modules, following the limit of the existing perimeter wiring, which was stipulated in the project that began in April 2023. Noting the involuntary error of placing one of the panels 3 meters inside Chilean territory, the removal for subsequent relocation within Argentine territory was coordinated with the corresponding contracting company,” was indicated in the statement released by the Ministry of Defense .

The procedure arose after President Boric demanded this Sunday, the immediate removal of that structure that had been incorrectly located by the technicians who were in charge of the remodeling work of the surveillance station.

“We learned some time ago that Argentina, when installing a military base in the Patagonia region, installed solar panels in Chilean territory. We received an apology from the Argentine Foreign Ministry, but I would like to tell you very clearly that borders are not something with which there can be ambiguities and that it is a basic principle of respect between countries and that therefore they must withdraw those solar panels as soon as possible or we are going to do it ourselves ,” Boric said in statements to the press.

Given these statements, the government of Javier Milei decided to avoid a new front of diplomatic conflict and, after a conversation between Chancellor Diana Mondino and the Minister of Defense, Luis Petri , it was decided that a group of Navy operators and soldiers would be sent yesterday to the area to dismantle the solar panels that were left three meters above Chilean territory.

In an official statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowledged that, “after reviewing the georeferenced information provided by Chile, the news was confirmed the next day by the National Boundary Commission (CONALI), an organization dependent on this Foreign Ministry, whose head is He immediately contacted his Chilean counterpart to inform him: 1) that the construction had been donated to the Navy by the Mirgor Foundation and the company Total Energies; 2) that the construction company hired by the donors, instead of using GPS technology, had been guided by the wire fences that divide the rooms in the area, which, being old, do not accurately reflect the location of the boundary, which led to the error in the location and 3) that at no time did those responsible for said work consult CONALI about the drawing of the international boundary.”



Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship

By Agenda Malvinas


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