Limber; the Spanish shipyard beneficiary of illegal fishing in the Malvinas, INIDEP and foreign companies based in Mar de Plata

Favored by the blindness of the national officials who do not want to see or talk about the relationship between fishing plunder in the Malvinas and Spanish naval development, the Galician shipyards consolidate profits and generate specialized labor to the detriment of Argentine industry and work.

7 de August de 2023 08:16

The Erin Bruce II, doing tests and checks in the waters of the Galician estuaries, before its Atlantic crossing towards Mar del Plata.

Ría de Vigo , the Galician/Spanish shipyard of the Armón group , is preparing to deliver the Erin Bruce II, its first fishing boat designed for Wanchese Argentina SRL , a multinational company born in the United States in 1936 - later based in Mar del Plata -; which in 2015 passed into the hands of the Canadian giant Cooke and which in turn is about to become the owner of 80% of Nueva Pescanova ; one of the main Spanish companies that fishes in the Malvinas Islands with an illegal British license and that in Argentina was converted into ARGENova , when in 2008 law 26,386 was enacted, which determines the incompatibility of maintaining fishing exploitation on the continent, the same as   in Malvinas under kelper licenses.

The Erin Bruce II , the name Wanchese has given the ship; marks the restart of the industrial activity of Ría de Vigo , a shipyard of the historic company Hijos de J.Barreras , which stopped producing six years ago and which at the beginning of 2022 was extinguished, to later be absorbed by Astillero Armón Vigo SA .

Armón is the one who, in turn, is building a trawler of about 70 meters in length for the South Atlantic Squid company ; -one of the most important joint ventures that fish squid, hake and other species in the Malvinas with an illegal British license; composed of the Galician shipowner Copemar and its partner based in Puerto Argentino, Beauchene Fishing -;   to replace the Baffin Bay , which burned and sank in the port of Vigo after returning from the Malvinas in 2020.

Furthermore, it is the same shipyard that built, under suspicious contracts , the last two ships for INIDEP ; the “Víctor Angelescu”, incorporated in 2017 and its younger brother, the “Mar Argentino”, which joined in 2020.

The characteristics of the Erin Bruce II

It has a cargo capacity of 400 cubic meters and can have a crew of up to 37 crew members. “Several new features were added during construction that will allow Wanchese to exceed regulatory standards and better meet growing customer needs, including the sorting machine; electronic processing; electronic winches and automatic drag; radars, echo sounders and trawl sensors in gates and nets,” Pescare describes .

The Erin Bruce II is the second ship in the Argentine fleet to be built under the Wanchese renovation plan.It is 50.5 meters long and 12 meters wide overall.

By Agenda Malvinas


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