Good reception from ex-combatants to the video game “The Last Letter”

The makers of the entertainment venture that was presented to society weeks ago, pointed out that the response was excellent from those who participated in the war conflict of 1982. Due to the delicate subject matter, it was one of the production company's biggest concerns.

12 de June de 2024 10:35

Image of the video game presented by "El Burro Studio"

The protagonist of the video game is an 18-year-old Argentine soldier who must deliver a last letter with the words of his companions, for which he will have to face the British usurpers in different parts of the Malvinas Islands.

The Darwin area, where the cemetery of Argentines who fell in the conflict is currently located, and the Ganso Prairie , where one of the main battles of the war took place, are some places portrayed in the video game .

In the plot of the contest, progress is made in stages , meeting various objectives that allow us to reach the end. The longest duration is 20 hours in an ideal game.

The graphic peculiarity of the proposal from the production company “El Burro Studio” is that places in our Malvinas Islands can be observed in 3D , with their topography and the unique characteristics of the wind and intense cold. In addition, historical coherence is maintained with the weapons that were used in the war: RH 20 mm anti-aircraft guns, FAL 7.62 mm rifles, mortars, missiles and Harrier aircraft .

One of the filmmakers, Hernán Patané, commented that “ for us it was a different way of presenting that feat and recreating it with real scenarios, always as a tribute and recognition to the soldiers, with deep respect,” and added that “the response was exciting because they also felt represented in everything they had to suffer in terms of assistance and support, many times from those who were in charge.”

In statements to Infobae, the producer mentioned that "our main question was how the combatants would receive our presentation of a game because of all the seriousness that the Malvinas war represented and represents."

However, he stressed that “the response was excellent, on the contrary, they asked us to do it, that they expected it,” and added that “what the vast majority of the thousands of respondents highlighted was that the essential thing is that the Malvinas title is always at the top and on everyone's lips, that there is no attempt to make it invisible under any circumstances.”

The story is inspired by Ramón Garcés , a soldier who turned 19 during the war with the United Kingdom, on May 13, 1982. A few days before that date, on May 1, he shot down a pirate plane despite of having little preparation and that his military superior was no longer in charge of the anti-aircraft battery due to having suffered a British attack.

Another special aspect of the case, also related to the theme of the video game, is that upon returning from the war , Garcés met the young woman with whom he maintained contact by correspondence from the islands, they married and are currently still a couple.


By Agenda Malvinas


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