They allocate 350 million dollars in weapons for the F-16s purchased from Denmark

The North American Congress gave approval for the sale of war equipment to Argentina. Adding the investment of the two purchases, in airplanes to Denmark and weapons to the United States, it is a total cost of around 650 million dollars.

28 de May de 2024 14:19

National authorities consider that it implies a technological leap of two decades for the Argentine Air Force.

The new investment of around 350 million dollars has a subsidy of 40 million dollars granted by the United States and provides for the acquisition of missiles, laser-guided bombs and other advanced weapons systems for the F-16.

These are AIM-9X Sidewinder and AIM-120D AMRAAM air-to-air missiles, as well as air-to-surface weapons, elements that have already been approved by the United States Congress for sale to Argentina.

It is within the framework of the purchase of 24 F-16 combat aircraft by our country from Denmark , with the support and management of the United States , in addition to the economic contribution. The total amount for the Argentine investment is 650 million , 300 which were used to purchase the planes and another 350 million for the necessary equipment.

Despite the criticism that has arisen because these are not modern aircraft , but rather technology that is already about 40 years old , national authorities consider that it implies a technological leap of two decades for the Argentine Air Force.

The first part of the operation, which has to do with the purchase of the F-16s, will be paid by the United States to Denmark and financed to the Argentine Republic in several installments , for approximately 6 years.

The weapons to be purchased from the United States include both Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface weapons : AIM-9M/X Sidewinder, a short-range supersonic air-to-air missile; AGM-65 Maverick, a tactical air-to-ground guided missile with a range of up to 28 km; AGM-88 HARM, a high-speed anti-radiation missile designed to destroy enemy air defense systems equipped with radar; GBU-31/38, a Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) that converts unguided bombs into guided bombs that can be used in all weather conditions; GBU-10/12 Paveway II, a laser-guided free-fall bomb for use against surface targets at close range.

By Agenda Malvinas


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