Ice floes detected a few kilometers from the city of Ushuaia

The warning was given by the fishing vessel Echizen Maru when it was sailing in the eastern mouth of the Beagle Channel. The Argentine Naval Prefecture advised navigating with caution in the area and avoiding unnecessary approaches to ice masses.

25 de June de 2024 13:16

They are three icebergs from Antarctica that have been fracturing as they move northward, dragged by sea currents.

The Argentine Naval Prefecture is carrying out a navigation safety operation in the face of the presence of three icebergs to the south and east of the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego. One of them is located near the coast of the city of Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego, and two others a few miles from the eastern coast of Islas de los Unidos.

The incident became known when the crew of the fishing vessel Echizen Maru of the PESANTAR company detected visually and by radar the masses of ice floating, for which they notified the Force, in its capacity as the Argentine Maritime Authority.

Given this, the Maritime, River and Lake Traffic Service of the Institution is dedicated to disseminating the event to the vessels that are sailing in the jurisdiction, using computerized means and issuing warnings from the Maritime Control and Management Centers.

The national maritime authority advises navigating with caution in the area and avoiding unnecessary approaches to the ice mass, in order to reduce risks.


Argentine Naval Prefecture

By Agenda Malvinas


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