Diana Mondino meets this Thursday with the North American Secretary of State

The Argentine Foreign Minister will travel to the US to meet with Antony Blinken. They plan to advance in terms of trade, regional security and the alleged threat from China in Latin America.

13 de May de 2024 09:56

Diana Mondino's visit to Antony Blinken will take place while foreign warships enter Argentina without authorization from Congress.

Continuing with the automatic alignment agenda outlined by the policy of the Milei-Villarruel government , the Argentine Chancellor, Diana Mondino, will travel this Thursday, May 16, to meet with the North American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken .

Mondino will be accompanied by the businessman and Argentine Ambassador to the US, Gerardo Werthein . Trade exchange between both countries, regional security and growing Chinese influence in Latin America are the main topics on the agenda for representatives of both governments.

Regarding regional security, it is worth noting that the administration of Joe Biden's Democratic government sent, in early April, US Army General Laura Richardson, commander of the Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) , to visit our country with the aim of “promoting dialogue and cooperation with the new government and the country's defense leaders.” [1]

On that occasion, Richardson made the controversial visit to Ushuaia where Javier Milei quickly came to receive her and sing the verses of the Yankee national anthem. He also held meetings with the Minister of Defense, Luis Petri , and with the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Brig. Gen. Xavier Isaac , among other representatives of the Argentine government. In these meetings , “the reinforcement of the long-standing military collaboration between our nations, aimed at strengthening regional security and promoting shared interests” was addressed and the transfer of a Hercules C-130H transport aircraft to the Argentine Air Force was carried out . [2]

“What I will convey to President Biden and Secretary (Lloyd) Austin is the contagious positive spirit of Argentina. Together we are dedicated to promoting democracy and countering the challenges we face today to guarantee a safer and more prosperous tomorrow,” Richardson highlighted on that occasion. [3]

Regarding the concern of the North American government about the growing Chinese influence in Latin America, which it sees as a direct threat to its interests and national security, the efforts of both governments have been directed to discouraging Chinese financing in the construction of the port. multipurpose in Río Grande. In addition to putting on the agenda the North American government's concern about the construction of the Jorge Cepernic and Néstor Kirchner dams with Chinese financing; the questioning of the operation of the deep space station located in Neuquén; the stoppage of works on the Carem-25 (Lima, Buenos Aires) and RA-10 (Ezeiza, Buenos Aires) reactors; having made every effort to ensure that Argentina acquired, with the support of the United States, the F-16 aircraft from the Danish government, at the expense of the JF-17 aircraft of Chinese origin; Finally, the Milei-Villarruel government introduced the US Army Corps of Engineers into the Paraguay-Paraná trunk waterway, strategic in energy, economic, political and security terms.

As if all this were not enough, the visit of Foreign Minister Diana Mondino to the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken , will take place while foreign warships enter Argentina without authorization from Congress, as in the cases of the North American coast guard "James" that He was received by the president himself, Javier Milei ; or the cases of the amphibious helicopter carrier “Tonnerre” and the frigate “Guépratte” within the framework of the “Jeanne d'Arc 2024” mission of the French navy, while the Milei-Villarruel government cries out for the process of joining NATO as a global partner.

It should be noted that the current policy of submission and automatic alignment of the Milei-Villarruel government to the North American government and NATO is only comparable to the policy of carnal relations of the governments of Carlos Saúl Menem in the '90s.

[1] US Embassy in Argentina, press release 04/03/24, Buenos Aires. Available at: https://ar.usembassy.gov/es/la-jefa-del-comando-sur-gen-laura-richardson-visita-argentina-para-fortalecer-lazos-bilaterales/

[2] US Embassy in Argentina, cit. ant.

[3] Ministry of Defense, “Milei and Petri received General Richardson in a week of intense activities”, press release 04/05/24, Buenos Aires. Available at: https://www.argentina.gob.ar/noticias/milei-y-petri-recibieron-la-general-richardson-en-una-semana-de-intensas-activityes

By Agenda Malvinas


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