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Yesterday's commemorative event in Ushuaia for Argentine Antarctica Day

The ceremony was held in the Plaza Cívica of the Fuegian capital, thus evoking the 120 years of permanent Argentine presence on the White Continent.

23 de February de 2024 10:20

“Today we stop along the way to think about what happened in Orkney 120 years ago,” said Minister Castillo.

Currently, Argentina is the country with the largest number of scientific bases; with 7 permanent and 6 temporary bases, shelters and an educational institute, the Provincial School No. 38 'Presidente Raúl Ricardo Alfonsín', which makes it the only country to have an establishment of these characteristics in the place.

Members of the provincial Cabinet, representatives of the Judiciary, national deputies, city councilors, authorities of the Armed and Security Forces, War Veterans, and residents of Ushuaia participated in the event.

The Minister of Public Works and Services, Gabriela Castillo , representing the Government of the province of Tierra del Fuego AIAS, spoke and stated: “as an Antarctic family, as a province, we have the firm decision to continue demanding the effective exercise on the extension of the entire province; land, water and ice in the case of Antarctica.”

“Today we stop along the way to think about what happened in Orkney 120 years ago,” he continued and added: “there is a story that has transpired in the extension of the Antarctic territory that has to do with an uninterrupted presence and with a growth that not only "It is defense, but it also has to do with the growth in scientific research and the development of our country."

In that sense, he stressed that “we are standing in the square that allows us to see a large number of cruise ships that thought about that horizon, where many citizens of the world chose to visit Antarctica” and that “that is not an anecdotal fact, it has to do with "This is the gateway to Antarctica, a province that, from here, extends every day to the dreams of many residents of the world to know what our land is."

On the other hand, the official maintained that "we have long assumed the commitment of this province to have an effective presence of the actions of the State and to accompany all those such as CADIC, University of Tierra del Fuego, Technological University, who contribute from knowledge and from research to development on the White Continent.”At the same time, he pointed out that "what we are proposing is the growth of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica, South Atlantic Islands, in an integral and complete manner."

By Agenda Malvinas


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