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The shipyard that built the Titanic was chosen for the new port project in the Malvinas

After failing in 2022 with the plan developed by the construction company Bam Nuttal, the kelpers now chose the Harland and Wolff shipyard.

6 de March de 2024 09:25

The planned new facility will also be a floating dock system and will be in the same location as the current one.

Following the session of an extraordinary Executive Council (ExCo) of the British colony that usurps the Malvinas Islands from Argentina held on Friday, February 16 and Tuesday, February 27, two documents were approved to advance the replacement of the port facility of Argentine Port (FIPASS).

The first approved document allowed negotiations to begin with a private company to carry out a new port facility.

This is the second negotiation undertaken by the Kelpers on the matter. The first was carried out in 2020 when the British company Bam Nuttall was hired to develop the project for a deep-water port that would allow for the promotion of fishing plunder, start the exploitation process oil, strengthen cruise tourism and position itself as an alternative for Antarctic maritime communication.

After two years of evaluations, the project with Bam Nuttall did not prosper, mainly due to the sharp increase in international prices between the initial project and the final quoted values.

Last year, in July 2023; The colony returned to the fray with a less ambitious project structurally, but equally dangerous strategically in relation to Argentine interests in the South Atlantic.

In this way, a new evaluation was launched to carry out a tender that would exclude the access road and the road. “Two offers were received and, after the recommendation of the Tender Board to the Project Board”, the one chosen on this occasion was the British shipyard Harland and Wolff Heavy Industries Limited, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The information provided by the shipyard itself indicates that the British colonial government in the Malvinas can now “begin to agree on the terms of the contract and the works program with Harland and Wolff” . This step is carried out before the formal award of the contract, which allows the usurper to guarantee that the design, program and costs are acceptable after signing a contract that they estimate at an amount that is around between 100 and 120 million pounds; equivalent to 127 and 152 million US dollars.

The shipyard is known in the Malvinas. It is the same one that built the six connected barges that make up the existing port facility after the 1982 war, “which demonstrates an important historical relationship with the Malvina Islands,” Harland and Wolff published yesterday. on their website.

And although he doesn't say it or wants to hide it, the British newspaper The Guardian does remember it as the Belfast shipyard that built the Titanic.The same one that in 2019 was saved from bankruptcy by the contribution of an energy company of 6 million pounds.

In the second document approved last week (February 27), it will allow launching the tender for the access road and the elevated road.

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