BIM N°4 carried out winter mountaineering and survival training in Ushuaia

The main objective of the training was to prepare personnel to operate efficiently in difficult terrain and adapt to the geographical environment of the low mountains and the southern mountains.

3 de July de 2024 21:08

The aim is to increase the individual skills of military personnel in the event of any critical eventuality in southern regions.

The Marine Infantry Battalion No. 4 carried out winter training for the 2024 cycle at the facilities of the Peninsula annex of the Ushuaia Naval Base.

The marines entered the mountainous areas surrounding the Base to test their skills and abilities in extreme conditions .

During these practices, the infants alternated the use of crampons, snowshoes and skis depending on the terrain conditions. In addition, they carried out tactical and administrative marches , perfecting their skills in strategic military formations, camouflage and defensive positions. All this carrying the complete equipment necessary to face the challenges presented by winter campaigns.

The training is intended to strengthen the individual skills of military personnel as they adapt to the demanding geographic environment .


By Agenda Malvinas


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