The Army requests offers to acquire new 4x4 trucks

The intention is to increase the force's vehicle fleet. That is why national and foreign firms were asked to present their proposals for analysis.

5 de July de 2024 14:45

Argentina will select the vehicles through a Technical Operational Evaluation.

The Argentine Army is evaluating a purchase of vehicles to expand its vehicle fleet. National and international suppliers have until the end of the year to offer their products . The aim is to purchase vehicles between 1.5 and 2.5 tons.

The objective of the force with this call is to carry out the Operational Technical Evaluation (ETO) of 4x4 military field trucks.

The Infodefensa portal points out that "the need to renew the vehicle fleet of the Argentine armed forces is urgent, due to the aging of the vehicles currently in use."

Furthermore, they indicated that "although in recent years a process of recovery, modernization and acquisition of new equipment has begun, its diversity represents a significant challenge for logistical support."

The ETO will allow the particularities of each vehicle model to be studied so that the purchase is adjusted to the needs of the force.

The media outlet specialized in security issues highlights that the call for the presentation of proposals will serve to "verify whether the trucks offered comply with the strict operational and technical requirements of the Argentine armed forces."

“The evaluation in various geographic environments will ensure that the selected vehicles can perform efficiently in any region of the country, responding to the specific demands of military operations,” highlights


By Agenda Malvinas


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