The government of Tierra del Fuego blamed Defense for the delay in deactivating the English radar

“We find it extremely worrying how officials of the Ministry of Defense maintained an attitude of total passivity,” criticized the Secretary of Malvinas Andrés Dachary, in a newsletter that does not give any explanation for the months-long silence, nor does it formulate an opinion on LeoLabs' proposal to recover the operation of controversial radar.

28 de September de 2023 00:26

"The Fuegian Government took the lead in this request, given the inaction of different national officials," said Dachary.

Tipping water for their mill, the management of the Fuegian governor Gustavo Melella claimed to be the motivator for which LeoLabs Argentina SRL informed him that it is going to remove part of the technological equipment from the radar mounted in Tolhuin, and that it will be the “government itself (who) then the electricity service in the sector will be terminated ”; and not a decision of the company itself, as is clearly evident from the text of the note sent this Tuesday the 26th by the representative Pablo Renán Bilbao to the provincial president.

“The company LeoLabs Argentina SRL notified the provincial government of the beginning of the disarmament process of the electronic system and other measures aimed at guaranteeing the inoperability of the radar located in El Relincho ranch, through a letter addressed to Governor Gustavo Melella,” the government announced to through his telegram account, after having made an irresponsible or selective distribution of the information, to which the note received from LeoLabs was NOT attached.

The one who came out to put words to the matter in this instance was the secretary of the Malvinas, Antarctica, South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs, Andrés Dachary .

"This determination is made by virtue of the various proposals that the provincial government has formulated mainly to the Ministry of Defense. That is to say, the Fuegian Government took the lead in this request, given the inaction of different national officials," said Dachary . and not as a result of the flood of requests made by the Ministry of Defense and the Chief of Staff who, last Wednesday the 20th, responded to Gustavo Melella himself, that the competition for the disconnection of the electricity and internet network, the reduction of the company of the General Inspection of Justice and the removal of environmental authorizations is from the provincial government and not from the Nation. All of this, after Melella that same morning requested by note from Minister Jorge Taiana “URGENTLY arbitrate the necessary means to guarantee the definitive and constant inoperability of said installation in Fuegian territory” of the LeoLabs Argentina SRL radar installed in Tolhuin and that if it does not do so it would go to court.

Dachary not only remembers that on Wednesday the 20th the Ministry of Defense did not respond to him, and that the response to Melella 's proposal came from the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers; but also rejects the position of the portfolio led by Agustín Rossi that what the governor was asking for in a note to Taiana is within Fuegian jurisdiction.At least that's how they communicated it through newsletters transcribing Dachary 's expressions: "However, despite this, the Ministry of Defense did not respond to the subsequent requests from the province of Tierra del Fuego, and it was the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers who attempted to putting this responsibility at the head of the province, when the competence and ability to involve other Ministries, such as Defense, is absolutely from that portfolio,” reported the Secretary of Digital Communication and Media of the province.

By Agenda Malvinas


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