The Government suspended Mondino's meeting in the Senate until further notice

The Chancellor was due to appear this Tuesday before the Senate Foreign Relations and Worship Commission to respond to the government's international policy, the diplomatic scandal with Spain and regarding the Malvinas Question. However, his presence was suddenly suspended. Two versions circulate about the reasons.

31 de May de 2024 10:20

The priority of Javier Milei's government is not to give an account of the scandalous foreign policy.

Everything was ready for Mondino to go to the National Congress to present before the legislators of the Upper House, but half an hour before the meeting was canceled . The appointment was scheduled for this Tuesday, 05/28 at 4 p.m., but around that time the chancery team announced that Mondino was not going to attend . According to the portal Urgente24, the announcement went down very badly with the national senators who were waiting for her to ask her various questions about the foreign policy of Javier Milei's government . The call was suddenly suspended and has not been rescheduled until now.

As we were able to find out, there are two versions about the disagreement between the national senators and the person in charge of the San Martín Palace.

The first was known a few minutes after the time agreed for the meeting, when Fuegian senator Cristina López , who belongs to the Unidad Ciudadana bloc, uploaded a photo of the completely empty Arturo Illia room to her social networks , issuing a harsh post on the social network The Patagonian senator also did not spare criticism of President Javier Milei , complaining because "he is outside the country again acting as an influencer."

From the Foreign Ministry they came out to cross Senator López's statements , stating that Mondino did not cancel the meeting, but rather it was at the direction of the President of the Foreign Relations and Worship Commission of the Senate of the Nation, Francisco Paoltroni, due to an overlap in the agenda.

The second version states that the suspension of the meeting would have been given on the express recommendation of the Government so as not to hinder the discussion on the Bases law , given that in the Senate the negotiations were still tense and the ruling party was completely committed to obtaining the opinion. of Commission and that has the least amount of modifications .

In either case, it is clear that the priority of Javier Milei's government is not placed on accounting for the scandalous foreign policy that in less than six months compromises our just cause and Malvinas issue with the insulting automatic alignment with the United States. , the United Kingdom and Israel, but also dragged our country into a series of disagreements with neighboring countries and even with the members of the BRICS group and which had its climax with the diplomatic conflict unleashed by Milei himself with the Spanish government of Pedro Sanchez.








By Agenda Malvinas


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